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5 Ways to Use HealGel

Painstakingly developed by a team of pioneering plastic surgeons, {HealGel Intensive} is a bathroom cabinet must-have; a skin-nourishing green gel, that looks a little bit like ‘Flubber’ (but is infinitely more amenable). With ten highly potent components – to soothe, repair and strengthen skin – here are just five of the myriad things you can do with this supercharged skin care miracle.

{Waxing} – slather on underarms, bikini lines or where-once-were-moustaches, to instantly take down inflammation and lessen the aftermath of ‘ouches’.

{Sunburn} – although we KNOW we shouldn’t let it happen, sunburn’s still a ‘thing’ and should you get caught out, this go-to green elixir will quickly calm redness and keep skin hydrated, to quicken recovery and help prevent peeling.

{Spots} – renowned for choosing the very worst time to ‘show face’, if you can’t resist the compulsion to squeeze a rebellious blemish, make sure you daub it with {HealGel Intensive}, to speed up its retreat and diminish the likelihood of scarring.

{Scarring} – from pock marks, to acne scars to larger, post-injury imperfections, HealGel creates a protective (undetectable) ‘film’, beneath which its active ingredients work overtime to optimise cellular repair and renewal processes. This helps take the ‘anger’ (and itchiness) out of scars as they heal, and reduces visibility of even ‘been-there-forever’ scar tissue.

{Morning-after…} – if you’ve overindulged of an evening (too many high-summer vino biancos), keep HealGel in the fridge, and apply all over puffy faces the following morning, to battle blotchiness and help send bags packing!

And don’t forget – HealGel’s ‘one-formula-does-everything’ brilliance is now available for {Body}. The perfect all-over partner to {HealGel Intensive}, this lightweight gel-lotion helps keep skin supple, nourished and protected from top to your tiniest toe!


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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