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Is The Neck The New Décolleté?

For years the beauty industry has been bombarding us with products to perfect the delicate décolleté – un-doing years of sun-worship with potent firming and re-texturising treatments, so we can bare our (smooth as marble) busts with pride. That said, the bit between our chin and collar bones is basically a {skin care} no man’s land; we slather serums, sunscreen and indulgent night creams on our faces with a ritualistic fervour, yet rarely do we venture south-of-jaw… which is why it’s about time we paid our necks some notice. Much more than just a bridge between our boobs and brains, this fragile turf has earned its share of TLC; which is why we’ve rounded up the best potions to keep your head-stem looking smooth and supple.

With a nifty, rollerball applicator, Kaplan MD’s Neck Sculpting Serum is brimming with firming and ‘volumising’ actives, to counteract crêpey-ness and quickly fortify skin’s fragile fabric. Sesame-derived ‘Linefill’ works to reduce the depth of fine lines while re-densifying skin that’s lost its ‘bounce’, while Xerophyte sage and hyaluronic acid combine to boost moisture-retention, so skin appears plump, smooth and ‘lifted’.

For those who like their skin care natural, Goldfaden MD’s Plant Profusion Neck Lifting Cream is the ultimate foil for those first signs of sagging – restoring strength and elasticity thanks to a cocktail of tightening, resilience-enhancing plant extracts. Harnessing the age-defying powers of the brand’s proprietary ‘Plant Profusion Extract Complex’, this rich yet readily-absorbed cream helps to kick-start sluggish cells; bolstering regeneration and repair processes whilst providing protection from the DNA degradation caused by everyday exposure to environmental stress.

Another super-natural option, SkinOwl’s Neck + has a jelly-esque texture that feels cooling and refreshing when applied (particularly if you choose to store it in the fridge)! A smoothing and contouring neck concentrate, it stars an ‘Ocean Mineral Complex’ which helps to tone and sculpt, while aloe works to soothe and condition, MSM triggers collagen synthesis and vitamin E nourishes and protects. This is also brilliantly brightening – ideal if your skin is sun-speckled – while the inclusion of jojoba oil is vital for supporting optimal hydration levels.

An all-round miracle worker, Zelens’ {Z Firm Lifting Face and Neck Cream} is targeted towards those whose features are beginning to betray the effects of gravity – packed with potent peptides to restore a youthful, ‘lifted’ look and gradually re-densify delicate tissue. It’s phenomenally effective – particularly when it comes to tightening a slackened jawline and delaying the development of jowls, so you maintain an elegant, youthful profile and smooth, swan-like neck.

And to further enhance the effects of these supercharged treatments, try applying them with Su-Man Hsu’s massage ritual – like a workout for the underlying muscles, it takes 3-5 minutes and makes a big difference – maximising absorption and efficacy of your topical treatment, while simultaneously easing tension and diminishing plurality of chins…


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Verity Douglas

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