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Jeju Island: Korea’s Hidden Beauty Hotspot

Jeju Island: South Korea's Beauty Hotspot

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Seoul was the beating heart of South Korea’s thriving beauty industry but, you’d be mistaken. Although the capital is constantly producing new and innovative skin care must-haves, many of the most potent ingredients are sourced further afield…

Jeju Island – hailed as the ‘Hawaii of South Korea’ has a particularly unspoiled landscape and a fertile, mineral-rich terrain which produces plant-life packed with skin-essential nutrients. South Korean’s flock there in their droves to breathe the unpolluted air and revel in the beauty and botanical diversity.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jeju is incredibly rich in wildlife – and (remarkably) one of the least polluted areas in the world – which is why its plant extracts are so precious.

With a climate similar to its US sibling, Jeju is a volcanic island, which means the ashy soil is perfect ‘fuel’ for plants to reach their maximum potential. Incredibly lush and overflowing with vitality, Jeju produces some of the most antioxidant-rich oils and actives, and is renowned for its camellia extracts (camellia oil was once the Geisha’s best-kept beauty secret).

Many research labs are popping up on the island in a bid to further understand the incredible potency of the ingredients and, according to our SoKo experts {Sarah Lee and Christine Chang} – the past two years have seen an explosion of ‘Jeju’ brands and products flooding the cosmetics market.

Blossom Jeju - Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Cream

{Blossom Jeju} is leading the charge, and all products are packed with Jeju-grown camellia seed and flower oils and extracts. “As the island is extremely windy” says Lee, “the camellia plant found there is uniquely high in antioxidants from constant battling with the local elements”.

With ultra-gentle formulations, the {Pink Camellia} range is soothing yet phenomenally protective and reparative; warding against the everyday environmental onslaught to delay development of fine lines, wrinkles and all other tell-tale signs of cellular slowdown.

The featherweight {Essence Serum} is a supercharged addition to every skin care ritual. Just apply post-cleansing – patting with your fingertips until absorbed – to enhance elasticity and fortify your skin’s defences; shielding against free radical-attack whilst maintaining hydration levels so your face feels fresh and dewy all day long.

Finish your morning-time ritual with a light layer of {100% Camellia Seed Dry Oil} – this keeps the good stuff ‘in’ and bad stuff ‘out’ without an oily residue. It’s readily absorbed and incredibly protective – a must-have addition to every woman’s beauty wardrobe.



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