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K-Beauty For Girls Who Like Sleep More Than Skin Care

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

Lazy? Time-poor? We feel you. I mean c’mooooon – who has the time to spend 20+ minutes just washing their face of a morning. That’s 20+ minutes of duvet-time sacrificed, and we won’t swap snuggling for sheet masks… no way José. Fortunately, our Glow Recipe girls – {Sarah and Christine} – suggest these shortcuts for all those who want that South Korean ‘glow’ (without the effort).

{The one-step ‘double cleanse’}

It’s all about finding a transformative formula – balm to milk, oil to foam – something seriously double-duty that eliminates every last trace of grime. Omorovicza’s {Hydra Melting Cleanser} has three phases – transforming from balm to oil to milk once it’s emulsified with water – to clarify your complexion while ‘feeding’ your cells; it’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory and regenerative – expensive, but worth it.

Alternatively, Su-Man’s {Cleansing Gel Oil} has a rich, indulgent gel-balm texture that melts make up and dissolves determined dirt, before evolving into the most gorgeous (heavenly-scented) silken oil that leaves your skin clean but not ‘squeaky’.

{Easy everyday exfoliation}

Rather than using scrubs – which can irritate skin when they’re used on-the-regular – go for the less messy, much less time-consuming option. Pixi’s {Glow Tonic} is an industry bestseller; with resurfacing glycolic acid, this effectively dissolves the ‘glue’ that sticks dead cells (and dirt) to your skin’s surface. Just splash onto two cotton pads then sweep them over face and neck to instantly leave skin looking more luminous.

And if faffing around with cotton pads sounds much-too-much like hard work, Alpha-H’s {Instant Facial} is exfoliant, hydrator and skin-soother in a spritz. Just spray over complexion and allow a minute to absorb before your follow with your…

{Two-way treatment moisturiser}

Blithe’s {Pressed Serums} have successfully combined the concentration of a serum with the comfort of a day cream, to suffuse your skin with potent, rehabilitative ingredients whilst creating a hydrating barrier between complexion and the elements.

{Glow Recipe} explain the ‘science bit’; “An innovative serum and moisturiser showcased in a unique, “bouncy” formula, pressed serums are technologically advanced in that the key ingredients – like chaga mushroom extract – are ‘slow cooled’ instead of heat-processed. What that means is that the original nutrients are preserved, and all that goodness, along with fermented olive and argan oils, go straight into your skin.”

{Quick-fix treatments}

If you love the indulgence of a face mask but can’t cope with the rigmarole, then Blithe’s {Splash Masks} could be the answer to your skin care prayers. These targeted elixirs will refine your skin whilst in the shower, shaving precious minutes from your ritual whilst boosting your complexion’s radiance. Choose from {Yellow Citrus & Honey} to revitalise, {Soothing Green Tea} to help normalise or {Purple Berry} to help tone and tighten.

Or, apply your ‘mask’ before you go to bed – REN’s {Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial} works hard while you slumber to reveal plumped, glowing skin upon awaking (which is obviously the dream).

{Fast-track flawlessness}

When it comes to creating a beautiful base, a ‘cushion compact’ is your new best friend. Once you’ve conducted your streamlined skin care ritual, you can perfect your make up on the bus – it’s super quick, convenient and fuss-free. Clio’s {Kill Cover Founwear Cushion} is sheer but buildable, providing dewy coverage that won’t cake, flake or settle into fine lines.

Just use the ‘puff’ to dab over your visage – adding additional layers to neutralise redness or achieve a more ‘polished’ effect. You can even use to conceal – just dab your finger on the cushion and then ‘pat’ and blend to camouflage spots and dark circles.



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