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South Korean Beauty Trends

K-Beauty oracles (and Cult Beauty experts) {Sarah Lee and Christine Chang} have shared their forecast for the South Korean trends about to dominate the beauty conversation… you heard them here first!

{The new multi-taskers: super taskers}

“Demand for multi-taskers that deliver without compromising on results – also known as ‘super taskers’ – are on the rise in South Korea. It’s a misconception that the K-Beauty routine is set in stone; there’s no prescribed number of steps – instead, it’s a fluid ritual depending on skin’s wellbeing. This new breed of ‘super taskers’ help to address the needs of the ever-busy, modern urban woman.

Blithe’s {Pressed Serum – Tundra Chaga} combines the concentration of a serum (60%+ chaga mushroom extract), with the comforting hydration of a moisturiser in a unique, custard-esque formulation that melts upon application.

Similarly, Blithe’s {Patting Splash Masks} are inspired by Korean bath houses – condensing a centuries-old ritual into a 15 second, in-shower treatment. Just splash and pat a capful all over your face in the morning to exfoliate, cleanse and refine your skin’s texture. Use 2 x a week (or more often if needed), instead of your usual toner.”

Blithe Patting Splash Masks

{Hydrate & exfoliate: aqua peeling}

“Inspired by a dermatological treatment of the same name, ‘aqua peels’ gently exfoliate skin while simultaneously infusing your face with high levels of hydration. Most often resembling an oversized ‘swab’, these giant cotton buds are pre-soaked in a blend of glycolic acid and moisturising actives that you ‘sweep’ over the face for gentle yet effective skin-renewal.”

{Youthfully plump: aqua filling}

“The trend for next-level hydration technology continues with aqua filling. While ‘volumising’ the face was the main focus a couple of years ago, women now prefer the ideal of a youthful, optimally hydrated and ‘custard-like’ complexion – called taeng taeng, zzon zzon in Korean. Moisture-binding products that help plump and ‘anti-deflate’ the complexion are the new industry obsession.

Blithe’s {Pressed Serum – Crystal Iceplant} is able to ‘aqua fill’ the skin with iceplant, which effectively stores nutrients, moisture and water to keep skin feeling smooth and dewy, while minimising visibility of pores. It’s formulated with a blend of fermented oils – including olive and argan oils – which deliver long-lasting hydration and provide protection from the damaging effects of fluctuating temperatures, elemental extremes and pollutants. An easy-to-use serum and moisturiser in one, this treats, nourishes and brightens skin without any heaviness.”

Blithe Pressed Serum - South Korean Beauty Trends

{Ingredients from Jeju}

“Jeju – a pristine island with a lush local eco-system – is known as the ‘Hawaii of Korea’. Ingredients found on this (now dormant) volcanic island are particularly rich in antioxidants and are highly prized for their coveted, skin care benefits. We loved discovering {Blossom Jeju} – a brand with Jeju-derived camellia oil, created by a founder whose family has lived on the island for generations – and we can’t wait to fall in love with many more brands harnessing these phenomenal ingredients in 2016!” Keep your eyes peeled for some beautiful Jeju-based ranges launching soon on Cult Beauty…



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