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Jennifer Aniston Answers Our Questions

Cult Beauty Interview with Jennifer Aniston

It’s not everyday you’re granted access to one of Hollywood’s most-celebrated actors, which is why we were TOO EXCITED to pose questions to none other than Ms. Aniston herself. Co-Owner of brilliant hair care brand {Living Proof}, we asked her about beauty, feminism and her famous mane…

{Cult Beauty} I know one should never ask a lady about her roots, but seeing as it’s just us girls… What is your hair like naturally? What do you struggle with from a hair personality perspective?

{Jennifer Aniston} I used to really really struggle with my hair. I’m Greek, so it is prone to frizziness (that’s an understatement). I’ve got curly hair and if I’m in a tropical weather, it goes beserk – hyper-curly, frizzy… you name it. Honestly, it’s been blood, sweat and tears over the years.

{CB} On a ‘normal’ day, what’s your hair care regimen? It’s notoriously tricky to get blonde locks looking ultra-glossy, how do you get yours so (damn!) shiny?

{JA} My hair’s so much healthier now. I use the {Restore Mask} once a week and it has totally transformed the health of my hair.

{CB} How did it feel when you hair style became a national – in fact, GLOBAL – treasure? Changing one’s hair cut is always a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but having every change reported in the press like it’s a change in government policy must be surreal? Do you think this has made you perceive yourself differently?

{JA} No, I honestly try to pay as little attention to that as I possibly can. It’s a distraction from my work and what I do.

{CB} You went brunette for ‘Horrible Bosses’. Why do you think the stereotype always seem to be that the serious ‘boss’ is brunette while the fun-loving, girl-next-door is almost always blonde? Do you think Hollywood will ever change its female typecasting (have you seen any changes since you started working as an actor)?

{JA} I think that’s increasingly becoming a generalisation, and certainly not the ‘law’ in Hollywood – there are many bosses that are blonde and there are many brown-haired girls-next-door. The industry is catching up with the world.

Jennifer Aniston Cult Beauty Interview

{CB} What single piece of advice would you give your 15 year old self?

{JA} DON’T shave the side of your head!

{CB} You always have such beautifully golden skin but I’m sure you are good with your sun protection. Which SPF do you use?

{JA} I wasn’t great about sunscreen during my younger years. If I could go back, I’d tell myself never to go to the beach without it. Now I use my SPF 50 everyday – I never step outside without it. Seriously, drop the tanning oil and grab the SPF! Apply it everywhere and don’t forget the back of your neck, ears, feet and even in between your toes.

{CB} Posing tips! Which three things do you do to make sure you look good in your photographs? My sister touches her whole tongue to the roof of her mouth to prevent a double chin…

{JA} I just grin an bear it! I try to be happy about something – the red carpet is never an easy situation to be in, so I always try to think happy thoughts!

{CB} Is Living Proof your first endeavour of this type? You must have lots of offers all the time – what made you go for this company specifically?

{JA} They approached me and asked if I wanted to get involved. I have been approached by so many hair care companies over the years and I’ve always said ‘no’, but this time it felt like the perfect fit! The {Living Proof} products are incredible and I love the concept and science behind the line.

{CB} And finally, what makes you feel beautiful?

{JA} Waking up with my husband!

Thank you so much Jennifer! WE *HEART* YOU (and your glossy locks).


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