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Anastasia Soare shares her tips to find your perfect light

Quite possibly the most impatiently awaited beauty product of the year, all four shades of {Anastasia Beverly HillsIlluminator} are back in stock – and we can testify to their good looks and brilliance. Each beautifully embossed powder looks like something you’d discover in a flapper’s beaded clutch bag – there’s something so decadently ‘art deco’ about them – and the crushed-pearl colours are to-die-for.

Velvety-textured, each shade applies and diffuses beautifully, to achieve a lit-from-within skin finish. There’s no glitter or shimmer – just an enviable, otherworldly lustre that looks gorgeous whatever your skin tone – ideal for embracing this season’s obsession with ‘strobing’. 

We asked Anastasia (the ‘A’ of ‘ABH’) to illuminate us about highlighting ‘best practice’.

“You need a great highlighter that’s not loaded with large particles, which tend to slide all over your face. Our {Illuminators} are super-finely milled, so they almost look dewy and wet when you apply them. And, they stay put, which is great if you’re planning to dance the night away.”

“After prepping skin with the right foundation and concealer for your skin type, apply {Illuminator} to the cheekbones, the cupid’s bow, the middle of the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, the brow bones, and just above your brow bones where the light would naturally hit.

“For fair skin I’d recommend ‘Starlight’ – a stunning white gold. ‘So Hollywood’ is a true gold that’s perfect for medium skin tones. ‘Peach Nectar’ is an apricot gold that’s ideal for medium to deep complexions and ‘Riviera’ is a rose gold that looks beautiful on darker skin.”

Apply with the {Pro Face Detail Brush} to achieve a naturally youthful ‘glow’. The soft, ‘squashed’ (technical term) bristles are perfectly shaped for precise application and blending of powder – creating a flawless, photo-ready finish. 

Strictly limited edition (once they’re gone, they’re gone), shop {now} to avoid disappointment. Which shade will you choose – or will you succumb to temptation and buy every colour?



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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