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Susanne Kaufmann Skin Care Collection

{Susanne Kaufmann} grew up with an ingrained understanding of the beauty benefits of nature. Raised in a unique Apline valley, skin care secrets were passed down through the generations and it was this regional tradition – coupled with her own interest in fusing old and new – that drove her to develop her self-titled range of skin, hair and body care concoctions; harnessing the power of botanical ingredients, and distilling them into products designed to work holistically – targeting your individual concerns, with a range that’s universally bespoke

A comprehensive collection of creams, cleansers, serums and salts, it is Susuanne Kaufmann’s facial skin care lines (plural) that appear to be most mystifying. Lines T, F and A serve very specific purposes – so here’s our guide to finding out which one’s for you.

{Line T}

Developed to address the needs of dry, dehydrated and sensitive complexions, {Line T} is rich in soothing, anti-inflammatory chamomile, alongside skin-strengthening St. John’s wort and sage extract – which helps to re-establish equilibrium. Dry skin is notoriously needy – relatively fine and fragile (when compared to oilier complexions) – it is easily offended and reactive, which is why conditions such as eczema and rosacea are most evident amongst the dehydrated. Dry skin is also more easily damaged – it requires special care to help maintain its elasticity and ‘stretch’ – without which, it shows evidence of age more easily; fine lines, crêpiness and enlarged pores are the unwelcome side-effects of chronic dehydration.

Rosehip seed oil – a key component of Line T – is renowned for its elasticity-enhancing properties; helping to prevent scarring and even ‘un-do’ existing signs of damage, while hyaluronic acid attracts and retains up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water, to maintain optimal moisture levels and ‘plump’ the appearance of skin – both instantly and over time. Rich and soothing upon application, {Day Cream Line T} is an indulgent morning-time treat for dry complexions – and if you’re troubled with a mixed-up, combination skin type, with dry, scaly patches – use the supercharged {Hyaluron Serum} as a lightweight moisturiser, to deliver long-lasting hydration without suffocating congested areas.


{Line F}

For all those with oily/combination and blemish-prone complexions there’s {Line F} – a gentle range of clarifying skin solutions, formulated to establish equilibrium without stripping your skin of it’s natural (age-defying!) oils. Prone to clogged pores, blemishes and breakouts, oily skin can be rebellious – especially when upset by harsh astringents which can compromise its acid mantle. Susanne Kaufmann’s {Line F} is rich in reparative ribwort, antibacterial masterwort and soothing linden blossom to bring swift relief from irritation whilst reducing inflammation and helping to normalise sebum production. Lightweight in texture, both {Day Cream} and {Regeneration Cream} have been painstakingly developed to deliver consistent hydration without smothering – hitting the ‘re-set’ button to control shine, counteract congestion and gradually restore skin’s clarity.

Supplement your skin care regimen with the {Enzyme Peel} – a cocktail of resurfacing fruit acids which dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to reveal a more uniform, luminous visage. And for intensive detoxification, try the {Healing Earth Mask} – a potent, clarifying treatment rich in kaolin clay to purge pores of impurities, while cucumber extract and honey combine to calm redness and minimise existing blemishes.

{Line A}

The anti-ageing one. Mature skin invariably craves moisture, but is also in need of potent, rehabilitative treamtents to restore its former fullness, strength and elasticity. As we age, the things we took for granted in our youth – texture, tone and resilience – become pressing concerns, which is why Susanne Kaufmann‘s Line A has been designed to combat all the primary signs of cellular slow-down. Brimming with bioflavanoids – potent, free radical-fighting antioxidants which combat the effects of oxidative stress to protect against, and correct signs of DNA damage – alongside white lupin blossom to support collagen synthesis, the ‘A’ team wages war on wrinkles, sagging and uneven tone.

Creating a rich, skin-conditioning barrier between complexion and the elements, {Day Cream Line A} feels wonderfully indulgent upon application – fortifying skin’s fabric and replenishing its moisture reservoir. The corresponding Fluid has a featherweight formula – and works as a breathable, age-reversing moisturiser for those with combination, congested complexions, or a lightweight extra layer for the chronically dehydrated.


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