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The Perfect Concealer? We’ve Got It Covered

Disguise dark circles and battle blemishes with our pick of the perfect complexion correctors.

Best for {BLEMISHES}

Stop spots in their tracks with Jouer’s innovative treatment-cum-camouflage. {Anti-Blemish Treatment Concealer} is enriched with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients – including salicylic acid – to accelerate your blemishes’ demise whilst hiding them from prying eyes. Your complexion looks flawless as it gradually becomes so.


Belie signs of late-nights or too-early mornings with {BECCA}’s peachy-pink, pearlescent {Under Eye Brightening Corrector}. Subtly light reflective, this neutralises blue tones to detract from dark shadows and help ‘fake awake’ in an instant. Wear alone of underneath your favourite cream concealer.


Incredibly pigmented, AmazingCosmetics’ {AmazingConcealer} masks all manner of skin sins. From reactive red breakouts to rosacea and scarring, this creamy concealer blends seamlessly – melting into skin to unify uneven tone and leave you looking naturally faultless. It’s the next best thing to real-life ‘Photoshopping’.

Best for {REDNESS}

Green tones counteract red ones, so if you’re plagued by high colour or need to conceal a particularly scarlet pimpernel, Studio 10’s {Age Defy Skin Perfector} contains a creamy, mint green camouflage to neutralise discolouration and create an even base for your foundation. It’s actually magic.

Best for {ALL-NATURAL}

…and if you like you make up ‘green’, then RMS Beauty’s {‘Un’ Cover-up} formula is completely free from synthetic ingredients, to perfect your complexion with barely-there, buildable coverage.


Nudestix clever crayons come complete with sharpener (it’s in the lid!), so you’re never caught short. Chic and convenient, pop one or two shades of their {Concealer Skin Pencil} in your pencil case (obvs) to cover-up, highlight and contour with next-to-no effort.

Best for {SUMMER}

Available in just one shade, Pixi’s {Concealing Concentrate} adapts to your skin tone – meaning that there’s no need to ‘upgrade’ once you’re sunkissed. Sheer but buildable (it’s packed with pigment), just a little goes a long way – and it blends effortlessly with fingertips for a perfectly, blemish-free visage.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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