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This is the viral make up must-have TikTok is obsessed with right now

An Asian model in a studio setting looks at the camera as she applies the Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint to her lips

Since arriving on the social media scene in 2016 (although it truly picked up speed during the pandemic, as the world collectively sought a distraction from COVID-19), TikTok has spawned many a trend. From the ‘everything shower’ to ‘girl dinner’, the For You Page is quite literally a breeding ground for viral moments, and that includes beauty products too. Take our latest make up arrival, for example, the Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tints. 

Boasting a first-of-its-kind jelly texture (if the name didn’t give that away), this trending stick delivers a refreshing flush of buildable colour for lips and cheeks. Arriving in four juicy shades — ‘Burst’, ‘Chill’, ‘Spritz’ and ‘Splash’ — ranging from a punchy peach to a rich berry, you can find a match for every mood and occasion. 


“The Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tints have taken TikTok by storm, and there’s no guessing why,” says Cult Beauty’s Social Media Executive, Lucy Legret, who herself has 64k followers on the app.  

“TikTok is a place where you often see multiple industries merging together to create something weird and wacky. And what’s more fun than make up and jelly? Creators have been able to explore the similarities in textures by mixing their beauty content with real jelly, with some even daring to eat the product (although it’s not something we’d recommend),” she adds. “The shock factor of this has definitely helped to stop scrollers in their tracks and allowed beauty creators to have a bit of fun with the now-viral product.” 


“I am obsessed with this blush and lip tint! Not only does this stain and therefore last all day but it feels so lightweight and cooling on the skin. The colours are so gorgeous! I have ‘Splash’, which looks like a cool bright pink on the skin. I want to collect them all!” — Amy, Product Copywriter 

“I have never used anything with this texture before and so was excited to try them. They are extremely pigmented, but blend into the skin so beautifully. Buildable and adaptable, you can decide whether you want full glam or a softer blush moment. They do dry rather quickly, so blend straight away. I find it best to apply onto a brush or sponge and then blend into the skin for more control. As a bonus, they are beautifully pigmented and hydrating on the lips! I need to get my hands on the other shades!! Definitely worth the hype!” Connor, Social and Community Assistant 

“I tried this in the shade ‘Splash’, which can look like a daunting deep berry but is actually the perfect brown-girl friendly shade! It blended out so beautifully on my medium, warm-toned skin, complementing it perfectly. I took it with me on holiday recently and just loved the subtle cooling sensation I felt on application, so fun!” Karishma, Social Media and Community Manager 


Wondering how to incorporate this jellified staple into your make up routine? MUA Karol Rodriguez has you covered, taking to socials to share their tips on how to use the Cooling Water Jelly Tints. 

“These jelly tints can be your JAM as long as u know how to use em!” Karol says in the caption alongside a video tutorial that’s definitely worth a watch and a double tap… 

“Don’t mind me just takin my notes here,” one person commented on Karol’s video, as the brand itself replied: “These tips are super 🧊cool🧊.” 


If, like us, you’re totally convinced that the Cooling Water Jelly Tints have earned a spot in your beauty bag, don’t wait. With TikTok videos starring these sticks racking up millions (like tens of millions) of views, we’re predicting these won’t hang around… 


In the mood for more Milk Makeup? You’re in luck…

Joining Milk Makeup’s fan-favourite Kush collection, the Milk Makeup Kush Lip Oil delivers not only shine, but nourishment. For that, you can thank the infusion of hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, alongside other hydrating oils like coconut and sunflower seed. Arriving in six sheer shades — ‘Green Dragon’, ‘Pink Magic’, ‘Orange Crush’, ‘Dream Machine’, ‘Cookie Dough’ and ‘Chocolate Cake’ — you’ll no doubt struggle to choose just one. Our solution: get them all. 

Grip your base in place with the Milk Makeup Cloud Glow Primer, the ideal first step before applying foundation, blush and bronzer et al. Brimming with skin-loving ingredients (think: antioxidant-rich turmeric root), this soon-to-be staple leaves skin looking radiant and with a dewy finish. 




Jade Biggs

Jade Biggs

Senior Copywriter

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