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An Editor Reviews: The New Déesse PRO Skin Care Device

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As beauty fanatics, we’ve been itching to get our hands on the new Déesse PRO Sculpta skin care device. Why? Well, firstly it’s created by the very same experts who previously collaborated with celebrity aesthetician Shani Darden to produce her coveted-by-celebs LED Mask (Kim Kardashian has called it the “holy grail of skin care” and Nicole Peltz-Beckham relied on PRO by Déesse PRO treatments in the run-up to her wedding day). Even more excitingly, the Sculpta is also the very first of its kind: a device that combines three energies (more on those later) traditionally only found in high-end skin clinics.

So, with all this hype, could it live up to our (increasingly high) expectations? With a sample in my hands, the expertise of Déesse PRO’s Global Head of Brand Lotti Tyson and three weeks to test it out, I was more than happy (read: desperate) to give it a go…


So, what exactly are we expecting from the Sculpta device? With six modes and two heads to select from, it turns out… quite a lot! It’s designed to address almost any skin concern on the face and neck – from reducing fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity (it’s clinically proven to stimulate your skin’s production of collagen and elastin), to soothing skin and smoothing texture. It also increases your skin’s hydration and the efficacy of your skin care products. Plus, it aids in relieving muscle tension on other parts of the body too (it worked a treat to ease my tired muscles after a particularly intense Pilates class).

It’s also next-level in that it gives instant results – after every use my skin looked a little brighter and more toned – while also working to give longer term benefits over time.

A close up of the dual-ended Déesse PRO Sculpta skin care device, with the massage head on, lying on pale blue metro tiles.


The Sculpta utilises three energies to produce its TriGen technology: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radio frequency (RF) and red light therapy (LED) – a combination only found in clinics, and never before in an at-home device. The Sculpta device works by mixing and matching these energies for the most effective results for your skin. The Déesse PRO team’s MO is creating “first-to-market, results-driven devices for both professional and at-home use” says Lotti. “We work closely with leading research and development teams within the field of light therapy and clinical energies”.

And what do these three energies do? Firstly, EMS activates your facial muscles to help tone and lift. It uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate deeper muscle contractions and increase blood flow to the skin. Like a workout for your facial muscles, it gives a toned, lifted effect to the skin. And the best part? EMS is utilised at both ends of the tool. Lottie explains that “the roller head works on the same principles as a microcurrent device but is much more powerful and targets the muscle layer, so you get a real firming, contouring, and lifting effect.” It’s “twice the power of the leading EMS device in the UK” she adds. I’m already impressed – but there’s more.

Next, RF is a professional-grade therapy designed to stimulate your skin’s collagen and elastin production to tighten skin and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The Sculpta device uses low frequency electromagnetic waves to superficially heat the dermis tissue to 45-50°C to promote collagen production.

Lastly, red LEDs penetrates the deeper layers of your skin the deeper layers of your skin for maximum efficiency.


LED face masks are everywhere at the moment. And rightfully so, with a whole host of benefits. But essentially, this comes down to some fundamental differences between the two types of skin care tech.

The Sculpta combines three energies and a sculpting tool, whereas most LED face masks focus on light therapy (some however do have multiple light colours, which will offer different benefits).

Lottie tells me that the Sculpta isn’t really comparable with masks, but rather the “perfect addition if you do have a mask but want a deeper anti-aging treatment with more benefits for all layers of the skin, including the muscle.” In fact, she says “it’s the at-home version of the popular EmFace treatment – without the price tag”. So, what I’m hearing is that it’s less of an either/or situation and more of a… both?


With skin texture and toning at the forefront of my skin concerns – I’ve noticed the skin around my eyes is more hooded than it used to be – I decided to start off by using the EMS setting with the 3D roller head. I focused my efforts around the orbital bone (only use the device on the outside of this area) using Mode 5. After a six-minute treatment, I did feel like the skin around my eyes was more lifted, and it also appeared to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Next, I tried the massage head on Mode 1, and focused my efforts on my cheeks and forehead – my main aim was to improve texture and brighten. The RF and LED were pleasantly warming on the skin, and three minutes per cheek went by super speedily. The result? My skin instantly looked less dull and much fresher.


The main thing to know is that you need to use the Sculpta with a water-based skin serum or moisturiser (or the brand’s own conductive gel) for it to work. Lottie recommends using “a thicker formula with less water content, such as a basic ultrasound gel for a more subtle treatment.” And her pro tip? “For a more powerful treatment, use a product with more slip and higher water content, such as a hyaluronic acid.”

She adds: “we purposefully didn’t create a formula [for use with the Sculpta] as this device will help to get the maximum from the skin care products that you already love.” And I can attest – not only does each treatment work hard in its own right; it really does feel like it’s amplifying the powers of those key ingredients, so I’d say don’t hold back – slather that niacinamide serum or squalane-rich moisturiser on.


If using the massage head (with Modes 1-4), its recommended to use your Sculpta 2-3 times per week or a maximum of every other day. The 3D roller head (with Modes 5 and 6), you can use as much as you like (but the brand recommends 2-3 times a week).

At first, it felt like a big undertaking to slot into my existing (and already not short) skin care regime, and I did wonder if I would find it too time consuming. But another good thing about the Sculpta is that you can tailor your treatment to the time you have. You can use it for a quick three or six minutes on one area, right up to a full facial 25-minute treatment. I did a six-minute session every other day, then on a Sunday I took the time to do a more comprehensive, full session. I soon got into a routine, and actually found myself looking forward to these evenings.


Given the Sculpta’s promises, it did have a lot to deliver on – and admittedly, it’s not an impulse purchase. So, why invest in this particular piece of skin care tech?

Firstly, the instant, glow-boosting, facial-esque radiance it left my skin with every time – I’d loved to have used it before a special event (if there’d been one in my calendar). Lottie agrees, adding that “after just one use you will see an incredible glow to the skin, but after a month, your skin will be unrecognisable!” And as for the longer-term benefits – I did notice more definition around my cheeks and brow bone, plus improvement of texture. I’d even go as far as to say it improved the overall health of my skin – when I began this trial, I had some stubborn blemishes and marks, and after just three weeks my skin looked clearer and more even.

I also liked that the Sculpta device can be used with skin care products you already have in your routine, and give them a boost of their own too. What’s more, it brings an unexpected benefit to those, like me, who feel they are ‘too busy’ to stop and dedicate time to ourselves. With the Sculpta, you may actually find yourself savouring those few minutes!



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