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101 Guide To Ulé

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There’s a new French skin care brand on the beauty block – and its je ne sais quoi is top notch! The name on everybody’s lips? Ulé 

Celebrating our body’s innate ability to adapt to external environments, Ulé’s covetable collection is designed to deliver this same unique strength to our skin. What to know more? Us too. That’s why here at Cult Beauty we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the marvellous maison – from uncovering what Ulé is and the founder’s story to which products we’ll be adding to our next haul.  

So, without further ado, it’s time to say bonjour to your new beauty BFF…  


A medium shot of Ule’s founder, Lindsay Azpitarte wearing a white shirt standing in the brand’s vertical farm.

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry testing out new products, Lindsay Azpitarte started to notice that her skin stopped responding to ingredients. Why? Because her complexion was over-assisted (yes, this is a thing!) and longing for nutrients that weren’t provided in her endless supply of products. That was until the idea of Ulé came to her. With the helping hand of Shiseido, Lindsay built a team of innovative experts to formulate skin solutions supercharged with restorative properties. The rest is as they say… history!  


Steeped in conscious beauty and backed by industry pioneer Shiseido, Ulé is the farm-to-face brand that champions natural, vegan and clean formulas. Dreaming up powerful potions, powered by potent botanical extracts, its selection of skin care saviours look to restore and support essential functions while boosting overall resilience. But what makes it stand out above the rest? It’s commitment to vertical farming. 

A close up of a woman working and tending to Ule’s vertical farming plants. She’s wearing protective gloves, googles and her.


An industry first, Ulé is renowned for its use of vertical farming. But what does this actually mean? Without getting to science-y, vertical farming refers to the method of arranging plants vertically rather than horizontally. Instead of shipping in dried plant substances purchased in bulk, the brand sources fresh botanicals from a vertical farm near Paris, where they’re hand-harvested at their optimal potency. The plants are then cold-milled, before being blended into Ulé’s farm-tech formulas. What’s more, by cultivating them in a controlled environment, plants like centella and tulsi can be grown without pesticides – making both your skin and Mother Nature happy! 


Now we’ve nailed down the biology behind the brand, it’s time to turn to its chemistry. Working with a team of doctors, botanists and scientists, Ulé created its signature patent-pending extract – the Pure 3otany Blend. As an exclusive fusion of centella, tulsi and coleus, it not only helps improve the overall appearance of the skin, but retrains complexions to restore a healthy-looking, fixed state. Taking inspiration from nature’s own ability to adapt and guard itself against the environment, the Pure 3otany Blend has the capability to neutralise external aggressors and shield against future damage. The result? A thriving visage that’s visibly happy, healthy and hydrated!  


Start your daily routine as you mean to go on with Ulé’s Rêve of Pure Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser. Banishing impurities and pollutants – that have the potential to damage your skin – it’s enriched with biopeptides (AKA porcelain flower nectar) to cushion your complexion while gently wiping away make up, dirt and debris.   

How to use: Apply morning and evening on wet skin. Massage the cleansing gel on your face using circular movements then rinse thoroughly with clear water. 

Powered by the brand’s Aquaplenish Technology, Ulé’s Fraîche Cloud Hydra Fortifying Water Cream is perfect for parched skin. Quenching your complexion’s thirst, the gel-cream moisturiser delivers up to five days of hydration while boosting a smooth, supple sign off. What’s more, a treat for your senses too, it’s laced with neroli-cucumber water leaving a fresh fragrance trail wherever you go.  

How to use: Apply a pea-size of face cream morning and evening on clean and dry skin – including your neck and décolletage. 

Acting as the ultimate replenishing booster, Ulé’s Oh la Plump Quenching Serum is renowned for its radiant results. Oozing moisture, the featherweight formula fuses a blend of not one, but three, hyaluronic acid variants to increase firmness while levelling up luminosity. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also infused with vitamin E (derived from olive trees) to prevent signs of premature aging. Impressive, we know. 

 How to use: Apply a few drops of onto a clean face and neck morning and night. 

Disguise tired eyes (and last night’s antics) with Ulé’s Regard Rescue Eye Reviving Serum. Serving up your daily dose of caffeine, it reduces the look of dark circles and relieves the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, this cream awakens your peepers – whether you’ve managed to fit in your eight hours or not. 

How to use: Apply a small amount to the eye contour area morning and night. 

Forecast brighter days (read: complexions) ahead with Ulé’s Le C-Bright Glow Power Serum. Renowned for its radiant results, this featherweight formula fuses vitamin C, astaxanthin and algae to fight against dark spots and uneven tones. Smoother, suppler, and seriously illuminated skin? Yes please.

How to use: Apply morning and/or evening all over the face including eye contours. To tone your skin and lift your features, massage with gentle upward movements into the frown lines and the oval of your face. Don’t forget to apply your cream to the neck and décolleté too.

Good enough to eat (quite literally), Ulé’s Avoir it All In & Out Nurturing Phyto Oil can be applied or ingested to bare suppler, smoother and softer-looking skin. Curing all your complexion’s craving, it’s bursting with omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids that lock in moisture and revitalise an all-over glow. It’s time to tuck in! 

How to use: Apply one to two drops on the face after your moisturiser or consume by adding 10 drops a day (5ml) to your favourite food or drink. Do not exceed this daily dose. 

Now you have everything you need to know about the revelation that is Ulé, it’s time to build a daily regime both you, your skin and planet can be proud of… You can thank us later. 


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