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Maison Margiela is our Brand Of The Month

A medium shot of Maison Margiela’s REPLICA range including candles, fragrances and discover sets in a studio setting with a dark blue background.

Whether you’re wholeheartedly dedicated to one fragrance or you’re just starting out on your olfactive journey, most of us will have (or find) that one scent that we feel defines our character, personality, or even a moment in time.

Talking of bottling a specific moment, Maison Margiela Perfume has truly adopted this concept with the iconic REPLICA series – a collection of fragrances which makes moments and memories wearable. Boasting scents for not only your skin and senses but also your space (yes, you can now unwind with your signature scent filling the room), this line up is brimming with nostalgia. Are you ready to take a long walk down memory lane?


But first – let’s go back to the very beginning. Maison Margiela (formerly known as Maison Martin Margiela) started as a French luxury fashion house founded by Martin Margiela and his business partner Jenny Meirens in the late 80s. Headquartered in Paris, it’s famed for its unconventional approach that questions every tenet of fashion (think luxury designs with a deconstructed finish – AKA exposed seams and raw materials).

Yet, what makes this brand so successful is not only the quality of the pieces, but the anonymity of Maison himself. That’s right; there’s very few in the industry who actually know who he is since there are no verified photographs of the man himself. Some argue it is a publicity stunt, but the designer rebuts it as a reaction to an overly commercialised fashion industry and a genuine attempt to return to the focus on artistry itself.


And, speaking of this artistry, Maison Margiela then launched his fragrances in accordance with the poetic and philosophical principles at the core of the house. With his first fragrance ‘Untitled’ launching in 2010, Maison Margiela Perfume has since spawned a swathe of genderless perfumes, bath and body and home scents that distil the evocations, feelings and sensations that course through the designs of Margiela himself. Yet, it was in 2012 when the bestselling series REPLICA was created – a selection of scents that recollect specific points in time, making each one personable as it resonates with imagination.

Now, with the festive season upon us, what better way to spoil a special someone than with a fragrance that will unlock their favourite memory? Read on to find out what sets are guaranteed to put a smile on their (and your) face – ‘tis the season to be jolly, after all…


 Featuring a variety of fragrances inspired by familiar scents and locations, the Maison Margiela REPLICA Memory Box is the perfect treat as each one creates a veil of wearable memories. Boasting the lightness of fresh florals which evoke a peaceful feeling and sense-cocooning comfort is Lazy Sunday Morning and Bubble Bath. Under The Lemon Trees convey memories of soaking up the sun’s rays with its fresh fusion of cypress and citrus, while Beach Walk will have you dreaming of seaside strolls with its coconut and cedarwood combination. The woody accords of By The Fireplace and Autumn Vibes evoke warmth as you reminisce days spent winding down in the wilderness. And, what makes this set even more desirable is that they’re all shrunken down to mini proportions so you can spritz them whenever, wherever…

Includes: Lazy Sunday Morning (2ml), Jazz Club (2ml), Beach Walk (2ml), Sailing Day (2ml), Autumn Vibes (2ml), Coffee Break (2ml), By The Fireplace (2ml), Bubble Bath (2ml), Under The Lemon Trees (2ml), Springtime In A Park (2ml)

The best way to scent your home? You guessed it, a home fragrance. Selecting your favourite is like picking out perfume, it’s all down to personal preference. So, what better way to find your new go-to than with this Maison Margiela Replica Candle Trio Set (70g), all offering a different olfactory experience. Whether you fancy being transported into the warmth with By The Fireplace, to the relaxing forenoon with Lazy Sunday Morning, or back to that wild night at the Jazz Club, each will grace your home with sensorial harmony. Not only do the candles’ powerful notes envelope the mind, body and soul, but their precious white vessels create a calming space to recharge and escape. Let’s face it, there’s no better present than relaxation…

As welcoming as the smouldering scent of a log-lit fire crackling peacefully away on chilly winter evening, the By the Fire Place Eau de Toilette 30ml Gift Set creates an aura of cosy contemplation. Like a pile of fresh firewood, the aroma boasts earthy, heady middle notes of chestnut accord, gaïac wood oil and clove oil – balanced with sweet base notes of reb berries and cashmeran. Prepare to reminisce on dancing flames of a smoky fire and the blanket-filled comfort that accompanies cold evenings. Oh, and the best part? Featuring a travel size and a purse spray, this set means you can experience that craving for the enveloping sensation of a fireplace wherever your day takes you.

Take yourself from that wild night at the Jazz Club to the following Lazy Sunday Morning in bed with this luxe day-to-night fragrance duo: Jazz Club 30ml & Lazy Sunday Morning 30ml. You have one that is a bottled memory of ‘heady cocktails and cigars’, made with notes of pink pepper, clarysage oil and rum absolute. While on the other end of the fragrance spectrum is one reminiscent of ‘soft skin and bed linen’, made with delicate top notes of pear accord and brought down to earth with fresh iris accord and orange flower. It sounds like the best of both worlds to us…

Basking in the warm sun and tanned limbs may feel like a distant dream during these cold winter months but, fear not, take yourself back to memories of summer holidays with Spring Summer Discovery Set. Each a snapshot in time, this set features Beach Walk, When The Rain Stops and Bubble Bath, all bursting with light, comforting accords that remind you of the sea, sand and sunshine. With each eau de toilette coming in a pocket-sized 10ml, you (or your special someone) can keep it by your side wherever you go.

Now, who said gifting was hard?


Anya Elliman

Anya Elliman

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