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The Top Trending Coffee Inspired Make Up Looks

A group of models posing with coffee inspired make up looks

Just as addictive as your daily caffeine fix, TikTok’s coffee inspired make up trends are here to cure all your cosmetic cravings. From matcha eyes to vanilla latte make up, each and every look is primed to have you looking just as energised as your morning brew. 

So, with that in mind here at Cult Beauty, we’ve rounded up the TikTok’s top trending coffee inspired make up looks, that you can replicate from the comfort of your own home – mug in hand, of course…


Fusing brown hues with balmy bronzers, latte make up can be utilised across all features – we’re talking eyes, cheeks and lips. Boosting sun kissed skin all year around, the trend creates a cohesive and sculpted sign off that’s easily achieved whether you’re a beginner or MUA pro. Universally flattering across all skin tones, the look is centred around blending lighter and deeper shades according to your undertone. Our top tip? Keep things natural. Think, minimal complexion coverage, highlighted eyes and a nude lip.  

How to create the latte make up look 
  1. Start by applying your go-to base product on clean skin – whether that be a sheer foundation or skin tint.  
  2. Next, use a cream or powder bronzer to highlight the areas of your face where the sun would naturally hit— we’re talking cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and décolletage. And, as we are creating the ultimate latte make up look, skip blush altogether, we say. 
  3. For the eyes, the key is to follow the same neutral palette that you used for your base. Layer shimmery eyeshadow sticks with other shadows and blend together to the creases of your lids, before highlighting under your brow bone. 
  4. Then, to achieve a cohesive monochrome look, sweep your bronzer onto your lids and finish with a swipe of brown, smudged eyeliner on the upper lash line.  
  5. Lastly, enhance your pout with a nude lip. Pick neutral tones that match the rest of the face and layer with a clear, juicy gloss.

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Bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘vanilla’, vanilla make up is far from boring. Natural and neutral, it takes clean aesthetics to the next level. Leaning into luxe minimalism, this trend is renowned for being fuss free while celebrating the simpler shades found in our beauty bags. Keeping your look fresh, it focuses on sheeny skin with sheer swipes of colours across your eyes, lip and cheeks. When it comes to shades, think taupe, toffee, and of course a 90s nostalgia frosted gloss across your lips.  

How to create the vanilla make up look 
  1. When it comes to vanilla make up, healthy looking skin is key. With that in mind, prep your skin with an ultra-hydrating moisturiser and primer.  
  2. Once dry, focus on your base. Apply and blend your BB cream all over your face for a barely-there finish. Then, use your concealer for extra coverage where wanted. 
  3. Next, with a bronzing stick, apply pigment on the apples of your cheek and blur using a blending make up sponge. 
  4. Then, enhance your look with a flushed glow by dabbing dots of blusher and highlighter on your cheeks and blending them together.  
  5. For your finishing touches, curl and coat your lashes with mascara, add a clear, shiny gloss to your lips and don’t forget to spritz your face with setting spray to allow your look to last all day.  

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Aptly named after the stronger (and some may say, more flavoursome) beverage, espresso make up gives you a deeper, darker and more dramatic finish compared to the other coffee inspired beauty trends. This looks is all about the eyes. Defined by its sultry smoky eyes, it has the power to elevate, taking you from brunch to bar, instantly. To get richer results? We suggest opting for brown hued eyeliners, mascaras and lip liners. The stronger the better, we say…  

How to create the espresso make up look 
  1. For this look you need to create a demi-matte base. Use your go-to skin tint before focusing on contouring your face with creamy formulas and shimmering bronzers. 
  2. To add emphasis onto your eyes, take your face powder and pat it under your eyes and around your T-zone.  
  3. To set your base apply a dusting of setting powder all over. 
  4. Next, move onto your eyes by taking a brown pencil and colouring in half of your lid from your lower lash line. Then, blend the pigment to your lower lids to create a smudged finish. 
  5. Then, blur a cocoa eyeshadow from your lid to your brow bone, adding a subtle colour. 
  6. Using a black liner, create a flick at the end of your eye and smudge it outwards. 
  7. Finally, fill in your waterline and add as much mascara as desired.  

Tik Tok Views: +50M


Pumpkin spice make up isn’t just for autumn. Hear us out… If you could order pumpkin-spice lattes all year round, you would, right? So, why not let this be true for your beauty look? Characterised by its earthy hues (think cinnamon, terracotta and burnt orange), the trend essentially means you’re matching your eyeshadows and lip liners with your bronzers and highlighters. Just like the drink, the finish product is warm, smooth and oh so moreish. We’ll take ours with extra spice, please! 

How to create the pumpkin spice look 
  1. Apply your base make up by using a tinted moisturiser for light coverage and a creamy contour kit for added definition.  
  2. Then, use a neutral beige or terracotta blush on the apples of your cheeks to achieve a monochrome effect.  
  3. Now, it’s time to move onto your eyes. Using either a light or dark orange with an auburn base, buff out your eyeshadow along your creases with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then, using a precision brush, smudge out the blend along your lower lash line too.  
  4. To finish the look, apply your favourite a subtle pink or neutral nude lip liner and lipstick duo.  

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Moving away from the typical brown tones associated with coffee inspired make up, matcha eyes focuses on the colour (you guessed it) green. Pairing perfectly with fluffy brows, glass skin and glossy lips, it’s a great way to switch up your everyday look. And since the focus is all on your peepers, it’s important to not to go OTT with the rest of your face. Our advice? Complement them with natural lips, subtly flushed cheeks and a barley-there canvas.  

How to create the match eyes look 
  1. Start by keeping your complexion dewy and natural looking. To do this swap your foundation for a tinted moisturiser and add coverage only where, or if, needed.  
  2. Next, apply a creamy bronzer and liquid blush on your cheeks in a neutral pink shade for added depth and dimension.  
  3. Then, focusing on your arches, use a tinted or clear brow gel to shape and create a fluffy, natural look. 
  4. And now for the main event – the eyes. Before applying your pigment prep your peepers by adding your eye primer. On your lids, pat on your chosen green shade, then blend it out to your creases with an eyeshadow brush using a neutral shade. Under the lower lashes, select a lighter green shadow to sweep on and add a pop of highlight at the inner corners of your eyes.  
  5. To finish off, lift your lashes with a few swipes of mascara.  

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