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Tried & Tested: Augustinus Bader’s Most Heroic Skin Care Superstar

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When it comes to skin care it sometimes feels like we’re chasing the fountain of youth, constantly searching for the newest age-defying ingredient. Although it may not be able to turn back time, vitamin A (aka retinol) has been proven to repair and reduce the amount of damage to skin – from diminishing fine lines to aiding hyper-pigmentation and increasing long-lasting hydration. Always on top of the skin care game, Augustinus Bader debuts the NEW The Retinol Serum – a retinol like no other, combining pure retinol with their proprietary TFC8 technology (which helps guide nutrients to where they’re needed most) to accelerate natural cell turnover and add that always sought after plumping effect. Unlike many of its competitors and predecessors, Bader’s new serum is gentle enough to be used daily (say goodbye to ever-changing nightly routines) which is a total game changer.  

With our ongoing mission to find the worlds best skin care, our editors have tried The Retinol Serum for the past few weeks and share their thoughts on beauties most coveted newcomer… 

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If you’re in search of a radiant and refined complexion, look no further; Augustinus Bader has created perfection in a bottle. It’s fair to say I’m always on the hunt for ways to defeat any damage or wear on my skin (a gal can dream), so retinol has been part of my ritual for a while now, and I’m a total devotee. The reason this retinol has been granted a coveted spot in my monthly shopping cart is due to the fact that it’s gentle enough to be used daily. All the other retinols I’ve used are to be used sporadically which, in amongst my legion of skin care, is easily forgotten or misplaced. Aside from this, it generally has continued to add clarity to my skin, and I’ve noticed my other skin care appears to be penetrating and sinking in far quicker with hydration lasting until I wake up. Welcome to the team The Retinol Serum, I’m sure this will be a home run.” – Niall, Copy Assistant 


I am absolutely obsessed with this serum. The formula is really gentle so I can use it every day (I started on every other day just to be sure, but my skin has been loving it), and – honestly – I don’t think my skin has ever looked so good. I can definitely tell my complexion is brighter, I notice my pores less and the texture I often struggle with is almost gone. This is now my hero retinol product… even though it’s (a lot) more than I’d normally spend on skin care, I’ve been using the 15ml bottle daily for over three weeks and there’s still plenty left, so it lasts quite a while. I’ve vowed to restock on pay day!” – Josie, Content Manager 


Aside from its lavish packaging and looking *pretty* on my vanity desk, I have to admit I was quite apprehensive about using Augustinus Bader’s The Retinol Serum. As someone who is new to retinol, I started by using it twice a week, within my evening routine. I found the formula surprisingly light and was very impressed with how seamlessly it absorbed into my skin. Just like all skin care solutions, consistency is key – and after utilising the product for two weeks, I started to see real results. Not only has this hero banished blemishes and build-up, but it has also diminished dark and dull spots. Not too strong, but potent enough to notice results, I would definitely recommend this serum to all. I am well and truly converted…” – Triffy, SEO Copywriter 

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Having recently finished a six-month course of Accutane (AKA Isotretinoin, the strongest retinoid you can get and only prescribed by a dermatologist) to treat acne, I was cautious about stepping back into the retinol arena, given that my skin is still pretty sensitive. Luckily, I needn’t have worried, as this Augustinus Bader serum has so far proved gentle enough — especially as I’ve been applying it over my moisturiser (creating a buffer between my skin and the retinol) as the final step in my nightly skin care routine”. – Jade, Senior Copywriter 


Having used a myriad of retinols in my lifetime, from drug store to prescription, my sensitive skin has always reacted — from purging to the terrible flakiness associated with retinol…until now. This has been the first retinol serum I’ve ever used that hasn’t turned me into a flaky queen, and although only three weeks into my retinol journey, I cannot wait to see what my skin will achieve.” – Rina, Junior SEO Copywriter 



Niall Taylor

Niall Taylor

Copy Assistant

Niall is our Copy Assistant here at Cult Beauty. Niall fell in love with the beauty world at 16 after finding a community of theatrical artists, and they have been creating magic ever since. Whether they are painting a face or writing about your next beauty obsession, it’s clear they are a total make up devotee.