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The luxe bath & body essentials your ritual is calling for

a bath tub, with VERDEN oil and body lotion bottles near the bathThere’s no denying it, the time is upon us; the end of January is nigh. Although we’re only one month into the year there’s no time like the present to bat away those winter blues, and give your self care a bit of salvation. At this point we all have the inside scoop behind stellar {skin care} – whether it’s the must-have {cleanser}, so strong it washes away the sins of yesteryear or the latest pore penetrating {beauty tech} promising to cast us into a galaxy far, far away– but when it comes to our {bathing} rituals it’s easy to feel a little neglected.

With that said, what better to reconnect with your inner bathing beauty than the tried and test {bath and body} essentials that will have you cancelling your weekend plans, ready to enjoy every last opulent drop.

verden bath salts next to a white towel

First things first, let’s set the mood; and there are few better ways to do so than with an intoxicating {aroma}. Think of this as a bit of foreplay before the plunge, and no one does sexy quite like Bella Freud. The instrument of choice here has to be the aptly named {Loving Candle}, a mix of glamour and unfaltering flirtatiousness. Encased in ever-so chic frosted red glassware and embossed with Bella’s own writing (perfect for the bookcase after burning), you’ll find the scent of the hand pour wax and finest essential oils flood the room. When lit, a blast of sandalwood gives way to a burning blossom of tuberose, which in turn fades into a hot and heavy amber – and just like that bath time will never be the same. Plus, with up to 40 hours of burn time, this is what we call ‘love at first light’.

{Candles} aren’t the only way to bring that spa-like feel to your tub. VERDEN {Bath Oil} is the perfect way to reconnect all your senses and be reminded that there’s nothing more important than a bit of ‘me time’. Becoming a staple in bathrooms across the globe, skin care connoisseurs are already in the know about the sister brand to the equally adored VOTARY. Like a modern apothecary, each bottle has been created to take you on an individual journey; each scent to stimulate a different emotion or thought – and each decanter worthy of a space in your bathroom cabinet. While your skin laps up the nourishing passion fruit seed and grape seed oil, your only job is to allow the world to fall away and become enveloped in your most relaxing ritual yet.

No soaking routine is quite complete without a means to scrub the day away, leaving our skin soft and supple, and back to its former glory. ESPA has become synonymous with luxury bath and body care, and their mission statement ‘natural beauty, inner calm’ tells you all you need to know about their latest front runner, the {Relaxing Salt Scrub}. Built with all skin types in mind, the scrub is brimming with natural sea salt to buff away dry, dead skin, followed by nourishing almond oil to hydrate leaving behind only glowing softness.

After we’re buffed, scrubbed, and polished, {body butters and creams} are the ultimate way to round off a ceremony of the self. New to the Cult Beauty family and already making waves, Herlum’s {Hand and Body Lotion} promises to bring nature back to our skin by creating fragrance with upcycled flowers. The key to the perfect lotion is to not leave the skin greasy and sticky (the ultimate ick) but instead soft and well-balanced with maximum hydration. The magic behind this body care hero is a few skin-saving ingredients: first, the blend of vitamin E, sweet almond and cacao nibs boasts an impressive amount of hydration, while the murumuru butter is known for its lauric and oleic acid properties and ability to lock in moisture all day. If this impressive resume hasn’t taken you, you’ll stick around for the scent library – most notably the sandalwood and grape fruit, that promises to linger on your skin long after your ritual’s completion.



Niall Taylor

Niall Taylor

Copy Assistant

Niall is our Copy Assistant here at Cult Beauty. Niall fell in love with the beauty world at 16 after finding a community of theatrical artists, and they have been creating magic ever since. Whether they are painting a face or writing about your next beauty obsession, it’s clear they are a total make up devotee.