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There’s nothing like a spritz of your favourite {fragrance} to help you feel ready to take on the day. There’s something about knowing you smell great that makes you feel empowered, confident, and ready to handle anything that’s thrown at you! And it’s even better when that scent lasts all day long – saving you from having to carry that precious (and precarious) bottle with you when you’re on the move.

Whether you’re a fan of deep and musky or floral and light, we’ve got the lowdown on the very best long-lasting perfumes for women that’ll linger from morning til night, tried and tested by {Cult Concierge} expert {Sarah}. Get set to discover your next heavenly scent.

Say hello to your new fragrance obsession! Fresh and citrussy with a subtle hint of chocolate in its base notes, this mood-lifting eau de parfum from {CRA-YON} will stay with you and help keep you on top form all day long. Let’s face it, whose mood wouldn’t be lifted by the sweet scent of chocolate?

Sophisticated yet subtle, the Le Labo {Another 13 – Eau De Parfum} dances across skin and melds with the wearers natural pheromones to create a your-scent-but-better allure. The heady key notes of musk combine with 12 other ingredients (including earthy moss, sweet jasmine and sensual ambrette seeds) to create an alluring scent that’ll turn plenty of heads throughout the day (we’ve warned you!).

Don’t ask us how, but {Kilian} has managed to bottle the exact feeling of being in love for the first time. Exhilarating and unforgettable, this seductive scent begins with tender orange blossom absolute, juicy honeysuckle and plush rose, and is effortlessly finished with sweet marshmallow sugar accord, warm amber and sharp neroli. From the sensual, long-lasting scent to the romantic pink bottle, this perfume is perfect for every romantic at heart.

A traditional rose fragrance with a twist, Le Labo’s {Rose 31} combines Centifolia rose with warm notes of cedar, vetiver, musks and guaiac wood for a delicious scent that lingers on your skin beautifully. Woody and oh-so subtly floral, this fragrance is available in three sizes – keep one in your bag, one on your desk and one in pride of place on your dressing table to ensure you’re never without your signature scent

Fans of summer scents – Kilian’s {Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme Eau de Parfum} might just be the perfect long-lasting perfume for you! Notes of apricot, orange blossom and rose of May pair perfectly with the syrupy aromas of tuberose, jasmine and narcissus, for a creamy scent that’ll envelop you from dawn til dusk.

Quintessentially luxe with a classic feel, BYREDO’s {Eyes Closed Eau de Parfum} plays with chords of cinnamon, ginger and patchouli, cultivating a mysterious and warm composition. Woody and cocooning, this is the kind of scent that feels close to home and yet entirely mystifying. Trust us, you won’t get bored of this one.

Elegantly seductive, the sleek bottle of Frédéric Malle’s {Portrait of a Lady Eau de Parfum} should already be enough to warrant a purchase! The scent aims to redefine what a lady means (something we can get behind!) with a delicious medley of Turkish rose, patchouli, sandalwood and frankincense. This daring blend is full of character with a whisper of sex appeal. Sign us up!

Encased in a charming glass bottle with a wooden stopper, the Oribe {Cote D’Azur Eau de Parfum} evokes luxury in every way. The fragrance is bursting with fresh notes of bulgarian rose, jasmine petals and peony blossoms, combined with deeper, muskier notes of amber and sandalwood for the perfect balance. Expect to impress with your new signature scent all day long.

With its short and simple ingredients list, the Comme des Garçons  {Zero Eau de Parfum} is the embodiment of rebellion – so if you’re someone who likes to stray from the crowd, this could be the perfect fragrance for you! Expect a warm, woody aroma with subtle, floral hints.

One of six delicious scents by CRA-YON, {Passport Amour} is a treat for the senses. Containing a seductive cocktail of rose, oud and amber, it’s the ideal concoction for day-to-day (and all day) wear – so long as you can take a compliment!

A playful perfume that evokes feelings of being out in the wilderness, BYREDO’s {Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum} is for the free-spirited at heart. Notes of ambrette, violet, and amber mix delightfully with cedarwood to cultivate a woody and charming aroma that’ll linger subtly (much like a ghost) throughout the day.

Sana Jardin’s {Vanilla Nomad Eau de Parfum} coaxes out the seductive side of vanilla, with sensual notes of Moroccan jasmine absolute and sandalwood, grounded by an earthy base of vetiver and patchouli. Each little bottle does its bit for The Beyond Sustainability Movement, which encourages female entrepreneurship – so by smelling beautiful, you’re contributing to a good cause. Spritz in the name of a good cause!

Inspired by Tamarindo, a lush, green haven on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, this long-lasting fragrance from {Memo Paris’} is exactly what you’d expect from the perfect summer scent. A celebration of all things tropical, it contains sweet notes of pineapple, floral jasmine and bergamot, and a subtle hint of cardamom.

If golden hour could be bottled, the {Blonde Eau de Parfum} would be just that. Featuring a delicious blend of orange blossom, Moroccan neroli and musk, it’s fresh and shimmering yet subtly sweet and utterly intoxicating. Guaranteed to transport you to sun-blessed climes and fill you with the purest joy.

This luxury, long-lasting perfume from Kilian is as addictive and comforting as love itself. Sweet, nutty, creamy and musky, there’s a real hybrid of scents that are combined to create something truly wonderful. Described as a musc de peau (musk of skin) this is a fresh, sensual and soft but almost primal addition to your fragrance collection.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, genderless scent, the Le Labo {Baie 19 – Eau de Parfum} has your name on it. Celebrating the sensation of crisp, fresh and heavy rain after a long dry spell, the fragrance unites juniper berry, patchouli and green leaves for an uplifting and consuming scent you’ll adore.

Capturing the romance of a first dance with your crush, BYREDO’s {Slow Dance Eau de Parfum} is a gorgeous mix of feminine and masculine. Its spellbinding blend of geranium, patchouli and vanilla is the perfect bitter and sweet combination that’ll give you all the feels, all day long.

Grapefruit, bitter orange, lime and spearmint are united to create this fragrance by {Jo Loves}. Blended especially for the creator herself, you can expect great things from this little bottle. With light notes of citrus and spice, it’s a scent that’ll delight men and women alike.

The Frédéric Malle {Promise Eau de Parfum} is a true celebration of the rose, blending rose essence from Bulgaria and rose absolute from Turkey. Adding to the romance are notes of apple, pink pepper, clove, patchouli, cypriol and labdanum which combine to create perfect harmony.

We know, we know… It’s not a perfume per se, but we couldn’t resist including this gorgeous {candle} in our list of the best long-lasting fragrances! Floral, fresh and inspired by nature, with a crisp fruitiness that evokes English hedgerows, the {Samphire Candle} by Laboratory Perfumes smells like a dreamy autumnal walk through the countryside, filling your home with a multi-faceted fragrance that lasts for hours.



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