How To Combat Festive Fatigue: Cult Beauty Edition

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while we’re the first to profess our love for all things festive, the seasonal burnout that comes alongside back-to-back Christmas parties and frantic food prep is enough to dull anyone’s sparkle. In a bid to keep you topped up with festive cheer through to the very last bite of mince pie, we’ve put together our pick of the very best {stress relievers} to keep your {wellbeing} in check. So sit back, relax and put the kettle on (or warm up a mulled wine if you’re so inclined), we’ll have your festive cheer-o-meter topped up in no time…

Trying to find the perfect present for your cherished loved ones can seem like an overwhelming task. If you — like us — delight in seeing the faces of your nearest and dearest light up after unwrapping that special something, you’ll be well acquainted with the late nights that often come alongside trawling the internet for the {gift} you just know will make their day. The secret to drifting off into a peaceful slumber no matter what can be found within Pacifica’s {Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Mist}. Brimming with the power to induce sleep on the most stressful of eves, this plant-powered aromatherapy blend is just the solution to switching off an overactive brain. Your senses will soon recognise the signal to sleep once they catch a whiff of this anxiety-easing concoction. Get ready to bid adieu to jangled nerves and intrusive thoughts, and relaaax…

It’s easy to let your self care practices fall by the wayside over the holiday season, with the pull of post-work dinners, drinks and Christmas markets sounding endlessly more appealing than a workout. While we’re never one to say no to treating ourselves and enjoying life, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is just as important. Trust us. Burning the candle at both ends never ends well in our experience, so whether it’s squeezing in five minutes to meditate, getting in a quick workout with your {P.ball} from P.volve, or rolling out your {MAAT} to ground yourself with a restorative yoga session, make sure you’re doing something for your body and mind that you enjoy. Self care comes in many forms, and doing a little something each day to care for your hard-working muscles and mind will keep you firmly on an even keel and far from burnout.

What’s more calming than looking after your {body} with a comforting soak in the bathtub? If you are fortunate enough to have access to one then taking some time out to melt your stresses away in a practically overflowing {bubble bath} or indulgent fragrant soak can do wonders for your energy levels. The health benefits of bathing have been widely researched, with a positive impact on your mental health, easing of muscle tension and even improvements to your breathing being noted as just some of the positive outcomes. Our current go-to choice for your nightly wind-down ritual is VERDEN’s {Bath Oil}. Enriched with nourishing oils that not only give your skin some much-needed care and attention but also dissolve your daily stresses and help you reconnect with your breath, this self care staple is sure to keep festive burnout at bay. It’s also the perfect excuse to stick on your favourite wind-down music and grab that book you’ve been trying to find the time to finish!

Now, hear us out, we know the name can sound somewhat scary, but we promise that after a little one-on-one with the {Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat} you’ll be singing the praises of this stress-busting aid. The only kind of nails we usually go for are the perfectly manicured kind, however, this carefully structured mat has quickly become a calming holy grail around the Cult Beauty offices this Christmas.

Combining Eastern wisdom with Scandinavian modernity, this acupressure mat helps to melt away tension, stress and even stubborn knots and twinges. Over 8,800 non-toxic plastic spikes have been painstakingly arranged to work in a similar way to acupuncture needles, with the goal being to release happy endorphins and oxytocin that leave you feeling like you just left a week-long spa retreat. Stay with us, we’ll hold our hands up and amidst that at first this can be a little uncomfortable, so newbies might want to start with a light tee on as a barrier between your skin and the ‘nails’. As you gradually become accustomed to the pressure on your back, you’ll quickly become a bed of nails pro… we’ve even been known to fall asleep on them they’re that relaxing!

Now that your wellbeing has been taken care of we’re hoping that your Christmas to-do list is seeming a little more surmountable, and if you’re in need of some last-minute shopping inspiration there’s always our carefully curated Christmas Shop!




Natalie Cohn

Natalie Cohn

Junior Copywriter

Natalie is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Ingredient-focused and all about the details, she loves researching products to understand how and why they work. When she’s not talking to you (or anyone who that will listen!) about skin barrier health and the ultra-important role of your microbiome, you will normally find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea – you can’t take the girl out of Yorkshire – or scouting out dogs to pet at the beach in her hometown of Brighton. If there had to be one product she would want everyone to use it would be a good, daily SPF, the basis of any great skin care routine …you can thank her later!