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Boost Your Barrier: 4 New Sensitive Skin Essentials

One of the most common confusions when it comes to susceptible {skin barriers} is the difference between {sensitive} and sensitised. The first? A permanent state of your skin, if you’re sensitive then you’ll generally always remember having issues and find nearly every active product is just too much or too strong for your delicate visage. The latter is a temporary state (and extremely easy to avoid and treat you’ll be glad to know), often caused by an allergic reaction or overdoing it on more concentrated, exfoliating products. Understanding the importance of your microbiome and figuring out what your skin does and doesn’t like is key to keeping your barrier in perfect balance.  If you’re an inquisitive explorer or just want to freshen up your skin barrier knowledge, then make sure you dive into our guide to your skin’s microbiome {blog} for the lowdown on bacteria, the acid mantle and exactly what place this has in the world of skin care.

Hands up if you and your skin have ever felt personally victimised by sensitivity, easily irritated skin or a (self-inflicted) sensitised complexion? Whether you suffer from a permanently reactive visage, or have been struck down by sensitised skin as a result of overdoing it on the actives *ahem, not guilty*, vulnerable skin needs a particular kind of TLC. After one too many brushes with an impaired skin barrier (yes, we did go too strong, too fast on the retinol), we can safely say we have become au fait with the best of the best sensitive and sensitised skin essentials…

la roche posay

1. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Soothing Repairing Spray

Soothe irritation and start the journey of barrier repair with {La Roche-Posay}‘s ultra-comforting, multi-tasking {facial mist}. Free from any potentially triggering fragrances, the restorative {Cicaplast B5 Soothing Repairing Spray} works fast to feed your microbiome and restore calm. Brimming with panthenol to reduce and calm discomfort, and skin-restoring madecassoside to flood your barrier with much-needed hydration, this is instant relief in a bottle. Did we mention the invisible finish? Thanks to this completely clear spritz, you can heal your skin barrier day in and day out, no matter if you’re at home or on the go.


  2. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops

{Dr. Jart+} — the cult-favourite brand lauded for its soothing and reparative formulations — has just dropped an all-new skin-loving formula. Meet the {Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops SPF 35}, uniquely formulated with an adaptive green-to-beige tint that assuages redness… without needing to pile on the full coverage foundation. Created to help you feel more confident in your naturally beautiful skin, this hardworking hero is here to protect and treat compromised complexions. Practically overflowing with the unique ‘Derma Green Solution’, just a few drops of this concentrated treatment is enough to infuse a plethora of skin-boosting herbs, minerals and probiotic ferments (our skin barrier is feeling better already) to offer instant relief to stressed skin. P.S. Don’t forget, for the full SPF protection of any product you need to follow the two-finger rule to achieve the number stated on the bottle, check out this {blog} for all the suncream tips you need to keep your skin perfectly protected every day of the year.

drunk elephant wonderwild butter

3. Drunk Elephant Wonderwild Miracle Butter

It doesn’t get much butter than {Drunk Elephant}‘s new healing skin salve, teeming with a miraculous flood of skin saviours this can be used on {dry}, chapped and sensitive skin from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The {Wonderwild Miracle Butter} is one of the latest playful additions to the range that has everyone falling ‘drunk’ and head over heels in love. Like all of the bio-compatible offerings that have come before (and will ever come after) it’s formulated without any of the ‘Suspicious 6’ ingredients that can trigger sensitivity and lead to a compromised microbiome.

That’s enough of what’s not inside though, we’re sure you’re just itching (no pun intended) to find out what Drunk Elephant have put into this intensive balm. First up, you’ll find a quartet of healing plant butters — marula, mango, shea and cupuaçu for the curious amongst us — to shield your skin against environmental aggressors that can compromise delicate skin. Working to strengthen impaired and under-the-weather barriers is a cornucopia of skin-replenishing lipids, from green tea seed oil to rosehip oil. So whether you’ve had an unexpectedly painful encounter with a slightly too intense acid, or are constantly fighting a losing battle against uncomfortable dryness, sit back and let this uber-concentrated balm quench and care for your skin.

4. Alpha-H Golden Haze Face Oil

Skin-strengthening routines don’t have to be dull, and stepping into the spotlight of luxe offerings is {Alpha-H}’s new {Golden Haze Face Oil}. Shaking up the norm of facial oils, this gilded powerhouse adds an instant radiance when nothing else will. If you do happen to fall victim to a compromised barrier, once you’ve restored harmony and are back on the path to a healthy visage, this restorative oil is the perfect way to make resilient, strong skin a constant in your life. A healthy dose of omega fatty acids keeps inflammation calmed and delivers a thirst-quenching glug of nourishment. Naturally rich in antioxidants, a dynamic duo of watermelon and camellia seed oils work to fend off environmental aggressors and keep premature ageing at bay. Finishing off this nutrient-loaded elixir are alpha-linoleic and oleic acids to protect and strengthen your skin barrier, boosted by vitamin F for a truly efficacious formulation. Dull skin, who?


Natalie Cohn

Natalie Cohn

Junior Copywriter

Natalie is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Ingredient-focused and all about the details, she loves researching products to understand how and why they work. When she’s not talking to you (or anyone who that will listen!) about skin barrier health and the ultra-important role of your microbiome, you will normally find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea – you can’t take the girl out of Yorkshire – or scouting out dogs to pet at the beach in her hometown of Brighton. If there had to be one product she would want everyone to use it would be a good, daily SPF, the basis of any great skin care routine …you can thank her later!