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NEED TO KNOW: A 101 Guide to Milk Makeup

Championing good ingredients, effective formulas and keeping things 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free, {Milk Makeup} is a part {make up} part {skin care} brand that really cares. Its products aren’t just designed to look great – they’re packed full of good-for-you ingredients so that you can nourish your skin, lips and lashes at the same time as expressing yourself and your personal style.

Contrary to popular belief, Milk Makeup wasn’t named ironically (being vegan and all) – its name actually comes from Milk Studios, the creative hub in downtown New York City where the cosmetic brand was created. Let’s take a look at some of the best Milk Makeup products and how to use them.



Perhaps the most famous of their products (after going viral on TikTok), Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer is the mother of all {primers}, the creme de la creme, a Goddess amongst women. It grips your make up like its life depends on it, while effortlessly adding deep hydration – it’s boosted with aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins. In a consumer study 100% (yes 100%!) of subjects said their skin felt more hydrated, had a healthy-looking glow and their make up lasted longer – as long as 12-hours post application!


Before applying your make up, pump one to two shots of primer onto the back of your hand, then blend a thin layer onto clean skin. Allow one minute for the primer to fully absorb to activate the full grip effect. Then apply your make up as usual for a flawless and long-lasting look.


Sister to the Hydro Grip Primer, this setting spray helps you withstand the day and everything it has to throw at you. It features two phases: the grip phase and the glow phase. The grip phase features blue agave extract to grip and set your make up so that it lasts for up to 12 hours, while the glow phase comprises hemp-derived cannabis seed extract and moringa seed oils give you an extra hydration hit for unbeatable glow.


Once you’ve applied your make up, shake the bottle to mix and activate the dual-phase formula. Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from your face, close your eyes and mouth, then mist evenly onto your skin two times to set your make up and lock in your look for up to 12 hours! You can also reapply it throughout the day to refresh your skin and revitalise make up.


If you want a sunkissed glow but the weather isn’t on your side, the Matte Bronzer from Milk Makeup will do the trick. Get a glow as gorgeous as if you’d been on a sun-drenched getaway in a matter of seconds. The stick has been cleverly designed for super-easy application – simply swipe it over your cheekbones, jawline and collar bones for immediate definition. 


Get dazzling dewiness and ravishing radiance with Milk Makeup’s Highlighter. The soft, creamy formula is infused with nourishing ingredients (coconut oil, mango butter and avocado oil to be precise) and comes in a choice of three shades. Glide the stick across your cheekbones, brow bone, collar bones – anywhere you want to add a radiant finish! Wear it alone or layer it over the rest of your base for a lit-from-within sheen that won’t go amiss.


 Long and full lashes are what we all want, right? This award-winning {mascara} guarantees exactly that, giving your lashes extreme volume and thickness but with zero dreaded clumps. This is thanks to the formula’s plant-derived oils, which nourish the hairs and ensure that the colour glides on seamlessly from root to tip. What’s more, these oils help to fuse the fibers to your lashes to make them thick without the risk of flaking or smudging. Apply a second (and even third) coat for added drama.


Meet the greatest make up multi-tasker and the perfect product for glow on the go. Part lip tint part blush, Milk Makeup’s Lip + Cheek will give your lips a cool pop of colour and your cheeks a soft, dewy flush. It’s infused with conditioning, vitamin-rich avocado oil, mango butter and peach nectar to hydrate your skin and give you a healthy dewy sheen at the same time! Take your pick from five gorgeous shades, and simply swipe across your cheeks and/or lips for an instant pick-me-up.


Blusher, but make it bionic. This innovative skin care/make up hybrid is designed to nourish skin at the same time as giving it a weightless and seamless dash of natural-looking colour. Plant-derived collagen boosts skin’s elasticity, hyaluronic acid hydrates deeply, and a mix of snow and reishi mushrooms soothes and seals in moisture. Yep, we told you it was bionic. Gently blend a tiny dot of your chosen colour (there are four to pick from) into your skin using fingertips, a brush or a sponge.


Milk Makeup is renowned for its creative products, and their other-worldly Holographic Stick is a prime example. Infused with real meteorite powder (yes, really) and twilight pearls, it graces your skin with a striking supernatural sheen, whether applied to your lips, cheeks or eyes. There are three shades to choose from (the striking pink Stardust, the lavender-hued Supernova and the golden peach Mars) and they’re suitable for all skin tones – which out-of-this-world finish will you choose?


Sunshine Skin Tint is a {foundation} that pulls its weight. It provides breathable and natural-looking light coverage, moisturises with natural oils (read: grapeseed, avocado, mandarin, jojoba, and olive-derived squalane oils) for a dewy finish and protects with broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. It’s available in 14 shades and is perfect for on the go.


 Pump click the pen until liquid is dispensed onto the glass rollerball. Roll it directly onto your skin and blend using your fingertips, a spine or a brush for light coverage. For more coverage, let it set and then pump again, roll, and blend.

DISCLAIMER: Because Sunshine Skin Tint is make up, we suggest applying it during your AM routine and then touching up with your traditional SPF sunscreen during the day if you are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.


Part make up part skin care, this magical three-in-one under eye tint covers, hydrates and brightens all at once. It offers lightweight coverage (in a choice of seven shades) without a hint of cakiness, and combines vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalane and buckthorn berry oil to plump, illuminate and calm the under eye area, giving you an awakened, glowing look that says “I get my eight hours”, even when you don’t. Roll it directly onto the under eye area and gently blend with your fingertips, a sponge or a concealer brush.


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