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Whether you’re a skin care aficionado who knows exactly what they’re looking for or just on the hunt for your next big love story, creating an iron-clad {skin care} routine can be a total pain. Like with love, trying to find your perfect match (or in our case, matches) can feel like a loser’s game — how many times can we swipe left before our knight in shining armour appears? It doesn’t help that we all have that one friend who seems to find love in an instant, every product is a match, and every recommendation is glowing, so you ask: where is my skin care saviour hiding? Look, we’re not saying that the perfect {cleanser} will solve all your woes, or that a mind-blowing {face mask} will make you lucky-in-love but the confidence they inspire has to help!

Well skin-siders, it’s about time to introduce you to our favourite kind of lothario: the face mask.

Like the friend you’ve always had but didn’t know could be… ahem… a little bit more, face masks are no longer a side-line player but can in fact be the real MVP of your skin care routine. Gone are the days of pore-clogging, potpourri-scented masks that felt more like an unnecessary hinderance rather than the secret to skin harmony…

Could this be love at first sight? That unmistakable feeling cannot be ignored and well, PAULA’S CHOICE’s {25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel} refuses to be hidden away — no one puts Paula in the corner. This powerhouse-peel harnesses the power of water-soluble AHAs and oil-soluble salicylic acid to provide the ultimate resurfacing action. It sounds like a total badass, we know, but there is a softer side; it unites plant-based extracts like allantoin, bisabolol and plant-derived butterfly pea flower extract to soothe and calm everything from irritation to signs of redness. Although you won’t want to be without one another, working up your skin’s tolerance to these acids is key — this love story is definitely more of a slow burner.

Is there anything cuter than your very first crush? Yes, the ever-sweet {Glow Recipe}. Don’t be fooled by their mouth-watering scents and adorable packaging, as the {Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial} packs a mighty big punch. Pulling together all the goodness of a clay mask without the drying downsides, this clarifying treatment is formulated with hyaluronic acid-infused whipped clay to shift congesting build-up without stripping your skin. Cue butterflies in 3, 2, 1…


More powerful than Cupid’s arrow, but still gentle enough to use daily, THE INKEY LIST’s {Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment} is a complete powerhouse. It’s time to tell the other acids in your life to move over and introduce this ménage à trois into your boudoir; the tranexamic acid is supported by 2% vitamin C derivative and 2% antioxidant-rich acai berry which work to improve skin clarity and diminish scarring leaving your skin with an ever-enviable radiance.

If you’re ready to swipe right on a blemish-banishing baddie, Biossance’s {Squalane and Glycolic Renewal Mask} could be your chance at an all-new love affair. This wonder mask tackles all manners of skin care woes acting as an exfoliator, peel and mask. Saturated with active glycolic, lactic, malic and tartaric acids, this formula helps to clear dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal for instantly illuminated skin. So, if you’re looking for a partner who can do it all, baby-soft skin with unrivalled radiance is just around the corner.


Niall Taylor

Niall Taylor

Copy Assistant

Niall is our Copy Assistant here at Cult Beauty. Niall fell in love with the beauty world at 16 after finding a community of theatrical artists, and they have been creating magic ever since. Whether they are painting a face or writing about your next beauty obsession, it’s clear they are a total make up devotee.