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Top Up Your Formulas With Sustainable Beauty Refills

Last Updated: 16/06/2023

a kora organics moisturiser with the refill of it floating above

Why not refill your favourite formulas (and reuse the original bottle!) rather than buying a whole new product? It saves on plastic production and cost, so if you’re trying to make a step towards more sustainable buying habits with less waste, look no further – we’re (re)filling you in on our sustainably minded releases from hair care heroes to the very best of fragrance, so you can shop consciously, with confidence… 

As we grow as a company and a community, sustainability is taking precedence more than ever here at Cult Beauty. We’ve already introduced our Cult Conscious initiative to highlight the brands making positive strides in the industry, including those championing partly-to-fully recyclable packaging (amongst other impressive Proof Points!). 


Obsessed with KORA Organics ultra-rich cream to counter dark spots, dullness and the visibility of fine lines? Well, you can now top of your stores of the gold-standard cream with a 50ml eco-conscious refill pod of the beloved Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. This deeply hydrating formula employs a unique delivery system known as a liposome to encapsulate the turmeric, liquorice and noni fruit blend, enhancing their bioavailability to more effectively condition your skin. As well as those brightening heavyweights, this cream is infused with marine micro algae (a potent source of essential fatty acids) to replenish and plump your skin; desert date oil delivers moisture to smooth uneven texture; rosehip oil lends the cream its many nutrients and essential fatty acids to promote a more radiant, even tone; finally, maracuja oil contributes powerful antioxidants to help restore damaged skin and reveal a more supple finish.  


Fuel for your favourite hand bag essential (that’s A Fragrance Paintbrush by Jo Loves, obviously), the A Fragrance Paintbrush Refill holds the same, well-adored, inventive gel formula that lingers on skin but dries in seconds. Keep one of these in your stash to ensure you’re never without your favourite scent, or collect different ones and swap them out to match your mood. Convenient, available in five different scents and kind to the planet, there’s no better way to add, layer and enjoy Jo Loves’ delicious, enchanting fragrances. 


Is there anything more soul-destroying than finishing your favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick? Or not twisting it down properly and smushing the beautifully-chiselled bullet? No, no there isn’t. But instead of forking out on an all-new Hot Lips 2, try a Hot Lips 2 Refill – a decadent refill that’s designed to effortlessly slip into your empty lipstick tube when your colour comes to an end, letting you swap and top up your shades at will. With the same amount of product at a fraction of the price and without the unnecessary packaging, what’s not to love? 


The successor to Tata Harper‘s coveted Water-Lock Moisturizer Starter Kit, the Water-Lock Moisturizer Refill Pod offers the same amount of cream with a much smaller amount of packaging, so that you can hydrate, plump, replenish and bolster your skin – guilt-free. 


Made with 81% less packaging than buying a brand-new bottle, the earth-friendly design of Isle of Paradise‘s Self-Tanning Water Refill Pouch means no more unnecessary wastage but more sunless, sunkissed glow! This eco-friendly refill pouch wraps the same intelligent colour-correcting actives and organic tanning actives such as avocado, chia seed and coconut oil to grant a healthy, happy and hydrated glow that you’ll absolutely adore. 


As savvy as they are sustainable, OUAI Haircare has released refills of their ultra-chic shampoo and conditioners. Perfect for anyone that goes to great lengths for their, well, lengths, these supersized pouches will ensure you always have extra product to hand. Take the Fine Hair Shampoo, for example. You can replenish your stores with the 946ml refill pouch – that’s the equivalent of just over three full-sized bottles for the price of only two(!) – and be happy in the knowledge that you have at least two more helpings left. 



Alice Barnett

Alice Barnett

Senior Copywriter

Alice is one of Cult Beauty’s Senior Copywriters. An avid charity shop hunter, gig goer and theatre enthusiast (seriously, she’s seen everything in the West End at least twice), Alice is never without a nourishing lip balm or her handbag-sized hairbrush. Complete with an unwavering obsession with hair masks and SPF – which must be at least factor 50 – she swears by daily application of Thank You Farmer’s Water Sun Cream SPF 50. When she’s not playing defence for the Cult Beauty Netball Team, she’s probably dog-watching with friends in East London’s Victoria Park.