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The best ways to care for your skin’s microbiome

When it comes to establishing boundaries, we’re all about creating room to heal and grow – from declining the invite that doesn’t elicit a giggle of glee, to remembering ‘free’ doesn’t have to mean willing to jump when an offer presents itself – if the last year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of slowing things down and allowing enough time to care for ourselves and our wellbeing. And, on the topic of boundaries, your skin has a few bones to pick when it comes to your die-hard devotion to stripping its uppermost layer.

For years we’ve relied on a series of acids – of ever-increasing strengths – to eliminate dullness and dial up the brightness which works like a charm (“Hello, glow!”) but, have you ever considered the fact that the barrier’s there for a reason? All of that ‘stuff’ that exists on the surface is there to protect and promote equilibrium so, let’s spare a thought for our skin’s (too-readily-eroded) boundaries and get to know our microbiome…

Your micro-what-ome? Well… quite. We know there are ‘good guys’ that thrive in our guts to support our digestion but many of us haven’t yet woken up to the fact that the ‘good guys’ are everywhere – including our skin – to protect from aggressors and help to sustain equilibrium. A medley of flora and fauna that work to sustain a ‘safe space’ for your face (and your body), your microbiome keeps the ‘bad stuff’ out while keeping ‘good stuff’ in – maintaining skin’s optimal balance and acting a bit like a bouncer (“You got any ID?”).

Pioneers when it comes to developing game-changing supplements, The Nue Co.’s latest venture into skin care is designed to supplement these microorganisms – bolstering defences while reducing your routine. Perfect for those who love keeping things simple, their two-step {Barrier Culture} works to tackle the spectrum of common concerns while creating less waste. Think: skin health up, conspicuous consumption, way way down…

Working on the premise of prevention over cure, the range harnesses innovative ‘microbiome technology’ to heat-treat (and stabilise) ‘good’ bacteria while maintaining the structure of the cell wall – allowing skin to recognise bacteria as live which means its utilised effectively to bolster skin’s defences.

What can you expect? Reduced redness and reactivity, fewer breakouts, diminished dryness, plump and luminous skin and a delay in the development of common signs of ageing… We’re listening.

Beginning with the {Barrier Culture Cleanser}, a treatment-cum-cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping its oils or disrupting its finely-tuned balance. The velvety, sulphate-free gel formula melts away make up, residual dirt and pollution, while The Nue Co.’s proprietary blend of prebiotics (to feed existing bacteria), probiotics (to repopulate the bifidobacteria) and postbiotics (to treat the skin) works to calm and condition. With a pH of 5 to respect your skin’s slightly acidic environment, this won’t tip your skin into alkaline territory (which triggers sensitivity and irritation) – instead, skin feels soft and replenished, as well as receptive to moisture…

Which leads us to Act. II – {Barrier Culture Moisturiser} – a cocktail of pre, pro and postbiotics, ceramides, niacinamide, squalane, centella asiatica, glycerin and peptides (phewf!) – which works to counter dryness, dullness and diminished elasticity while tackling uneven texture. Deeply hydrating, this ‘seals’ moisture into the skin which results in your face feeling instantly plumped-up and dewy and, with continued use, it lessens depth of lines while ramping up the glow. The inclusion of ceramides and probiotics – in tandem with immunity-activating niacinamide and protective squalane – then work to supplement skin’s barrier to strengthen its resilience and shield against environmental stressors while reducing dark marks, fading scarring and promoting regeneration.

In short, there’s scarce little this duo won’t do for your skin which is why it’s ideal for those keen to prioritise long-term health over ‘instant’ results (although, there are plenty of those to be ‘wowed’ by). And, if you’re keen to ‘spring clean’ your regime and declutter your cabinets, these super-charged partners will substitute your lengthy beauty ritual – condensing the effects of several products into two concise, effective heroes.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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