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Need to know: Clé de Peau Beauté

We’d forgive you for thinking this ‘need to know’ range hails from somewhere a little bit closer to home (it has a distinct Gallic ring), but {Clé de Peau Beauté} actually comes from Japan – where the brand marries cutting-edge tech with traditional wisdom to give you the keys to resilient, supple and luminous skin.

With next-generational textures and powerful actives resulting in fresh innovations that blaze an unparalleled trail, their make up and skin care is laced with a generous soupçon of ‘je ne sais quoi’ and who doesn’t want that (*pass the soupçon*)? Roughly translated (by me – with some help from ‘le Google’) as ‘Key of Skin’, the line came to life in the ‘80s – like all the best things – and quickly established a name for itself as a range at the forefront of cosmetic science. Tutoring cells to acknowledge and utilise positive stimuli, each product harnesses years of research to unlock ‘Skin Intelligence’ and, in turn, promote brighter, luminous skin as it counteracts common concerns – from fine lines to lost lustre.

Unsure about where to begin? For those new to the range it’s a tad overwhelming – there’s too much incredible newness to choose from – but help is at hand: we’ve created a list of *the* heroes you need to ignite an obsession…

The best way to first dip your skin in the magical CDP waters is with their phenomenal Radiance Care and the four-piece {Discovery Kit} stars the crème de la crème in deluxe travel sizes. Uniting The Serum, the Hydro-Softening Lotion, the Protective Fortifying Emulsion and the Intensive Fortifying Emulsion, this highlights the whats, whys and hows of the brand as it quickly recovers your glow-jo.

Star of the show is {The Serum} – fuelled by proprietary Kelplex complex (a trio of powerful algaes) – this featherlight fluid promotes a plump, ‘cushiony’ canvas while boosting your skin’s luminosity; re-energising cells as it addresses all the signs of passing time – from crow’s feet to dullness and compromised bounce. Prepare to look ‘lit from within’…

Next up? The {Volumizing Cream Supreme} (a.k.a. the next-best thing to fillers if you’re looking for a lift). Like fluffing cells’ stuffing to plump up the volume, this cutting-edge cocktail recaptures your skin’s former fullness which renders it more light-reflective and beautifully bouncy. Rich, velvety and readily absorbed, it works by reinforcing your skin’s ‘Cushion Network’ – prolonging youthful dewiness while lessening the depth of lines.

And it doesn’t just stop with superlative skin care – the range boasts a buffet of make up essentials that work to promote luminosity. The {Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural} lets you feel breezily bare-faced while working to subtly unify tone with a ‘second skin’ finish that’s perfect for those who are eager to glow but deterred by the ‘dew’. Showcasing the brand’s impressive ‘Skin-Empowering Illuminator’ technology (a cocktail of five key ingredients to trigger repair and renewal as they bolster defences), this has quick and cumulative benefit – promoting inner brilliance for skin that oozes health. Plus, it’s laced with a broad spectrum SPF 20 to shield from the harmful effects of the sun and the city.

Follow with the {Luminizing Face Enhancer} – a highlight but not as you know it, this faceted pan of incredibly finely milled powder diffuses to lend a soft veil of skin-brightening light. Like somebody just flicked a switch in your head, this lends an ethereal, elegant gleam without glitter that’s gorgeously grown-up (it looks like your face made it).

Feeling a bit like an eye-bag lady? Boasting light-scattering pearls and a medley of brightening actives to counteract shadows and help you look wonderfully rested, the {Radiant Corrector for Eyes} is a quick and convenient camouflage (great for belying the signs of late nights). With actual diamond and pearl powders to optically lessen the look of dark circles, this creamy concealer hydrates and refines – both instantly and over time – so your eye bags are not only packed for the weekend, but ready to ‘up sticks’ and move to Bermuda (good riddance).

Set to invest in a ‘skinsurance’ policy? {La Crème} is a jewel in the Clé de Peau Beauté crown. Beauty sleep in a jar, this decadent formula boasts over sixty prestigious – and proven – ingredients to reinvigorate your cells and help to bolster skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend itself. Firming and illuminating, this overnight treatment inhibits excessive melanin production to prevent development of dark spots, while retinol, ceraferment and 4MSK work to stimulate turnover, trigger renewal and recover skin’s ‘spring’ – resulting in a firmer, lifted look.


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Verity Douglas

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