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Charlotte Mensah’s secret to healthy hair

Curly hair, coily hair, hair that’s elicited some rude “would you like me to straighten that for you?” comments upon entering a salon – it’s time to embrace it, celebrate it, love it. {Natural hair textures} are finally having a moment in the beauty industry. And have a moment they should! After years of seeing straight, silken, down-to-the-bum lengths, it’s high time we saw some diversity amid the masses. And we’re not just seeing diversified {hair} types – no no – we’re celebrating them.

This is where {Charlotte Mensah} metaphorically enters the chat, and where everyone else listens in awe – star-eye-emojis at the ready – because Charlotte is the authority on all things hair. Thrice crowned ‘Afro Hairdresser of the Year’ at the British Hairdressing Awards, she’s nothing short of a legend in the British hair care industry. Founder of her own eponymous hair care brand and queen of natural textures, she’s an advocate of embracing afro and curly hair types. Having stood at the very forefront of the natural hair care movement since the early 2000s, Charlotte is also a salon owner, charity founder, author, artistic director and member of the British Beauty Council – which is why we’re dedicating this entire post to her pioneering and highly-coveted concoctions: ready, steady, fro


As the saying goes, ‘a workman is only ever as good as his {tools}’, and a good {brush} is crucial to creating a perfect (and painless!) hair care routine. Charlotte Mensah’s {Paddle Brush Black} is the ultimate companion to rigorous grooming sessions – easing and teasing mammoth tangles without so much as a tug. With a cushioned head to protect your {scalp} and bristles that glide through hair almost frictionlessly, you can wield this heat-resistant brush with joy and without breakage.


Not all {shampoos} are created equal, and as easy as it is to grab a three-pound bottle of Head & Shoulders from the offie ’round the corner, your hair will thank you for trying the {Manketti Oil Shampoo} instead. Powered by manketti nut and ximenia oils, its creamy formula supercharges dry and dull hair – nourishing, hydrating and conditioning undernourished and damaged strands (especially those weakened by overexposure to the sun, chemical processing and excessive heat styling) until your barnet is fortified, soft, supple and cleansed – without weighing down or subduing your curls. Of course, for über-enhanced curls that are restored from root to tip, the {Manketti Oil Conditioner} is also a must.


To look and feel like your very best curly self, an {oil} works wonders. Made with all organic, ethical and sustainably-sourced oils, the {Manketti Hair Oil} enhances (never suppresses!) your natural hair texture and ‘frizz’ while hydrating, boosting shine and caring for the complex scalp – encouraging you to stop and take a moment to massage your deserving head. Offering protection from chemical styling and the elements, this concoction is suitable for everyone – with its weightless, lasting formula working to repair hair over time from the root cause.


Taking on flyaways, lacklustre lengths and deeply thirsty tresses to reveal soft hair that’s easy to manipulate and style, the {Manketti Oil Hair Pomade} unites manketti oil (which is an impressive source of fatty acids, by the way) with nourishing vitamin E and shea butter to lock in moisture without feeling heavy. Whether you use it on wet or dry hair, to add definition or to hydrate, it will have your jaw on the floor.


Almost too good to be true, the {Manketti Oil Finishing Mist} deserves a place in every handbag/bedside cabinet/dressing table drawer/car door/emergency stash. A fuss-free defence against environmental damage and daily wear-and-tear, this simple {mist} adds the finishing touch to any style by conditioning, strengthening and softening in a pinch.


Humeara Mohamed

Humeara Mohamed

Junior Copywriter

Humeara is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. A self-professed ‘beauty obsessive’ (no, really, you should see her excessive selection of serums), she can usually be found somewhere rattling on about sunscreens or showering in green eyeshadows. Her other hobbies include knitting, sleeping and walking her saluki through Hampstead Heath.