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Thrill with our pick of the best-looking beauty tools

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert3 years ago
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What do you buy for the friend who has everything? Get them a (good-looking!) gadget. A great way to boost their extensive regime, we've cherry-picked the must-have {beauty tools} on the block that make for the best, {super-tool Christmas presents}...

nuface skincare tool, surrounded by three nuface skin care products
Device squad 

Now available in chrome and pewter, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s new {DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro Pewter} serves serious ‘cyborg chic’ (it’s a thing). Delivering the same skinvigorating effects with a limited-edition look, this works to prolong your cells’ health (and address beauty bugbears) with LED therapy; triggering collagen synthesis, targeting acne bacteria or giving your face a full 360˚ treatment in minutes (with zero downtime). Consider it your ‘at home’ aesthetician. 

New and exclusive from BeautyBio, the {GLOfacial Hydro-Infusion Deep Pore Cleansing + Blue LED Clarifying Tool} all but eradicates blackheads by hoovering grime as it zaps away acne bacteria. Waging two-pronged attack on congested or blemish-prone areas, this helps to pre-empt future breakouts with blue acne-battling LED light and a gunk-sucking vacuum... what spot? 

A super-cute gizmo that works for its space in your beauty routine, FOREO’s {Luna 4 Mini} is perfect for purging your pores of residual make up and grime, while the new ‘glow boost’ mode leaves your skin looking luminous. A dual-sided silicone ‘brush’ that eliminates 99% of dirt while ever-so-gently exfoliating, this palm-sized device is the key to a beautifully dewy – and practically poreless – complexion.

DDG Pewter SpectraLite FaceWare Pro
Give the gift of self care

Picture this: it's a Sunday evening and your friend just wants to relax. But, their classic candle-and-a-face-mask routine has been done (and then redone, again and again — though we aren't knocking it), which is why they could do with a delicious pair of {Fraîcheur Ice Globes in ‘White’} by {FRAÎCHEUR PARIS} to transform their face and mood in a jiffy. The globes do this by utilising the powers of cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to reduce blood flow and inflammation before eventually encouraging greater circulation (and thus, a radiant, flushed complexion). Plus, there's just something about popping a smooth, ice-cold instrument on your face after a long day — it instantly refreshes, constricts pores, diminishes dark circles, soothes irritation (blemishes, we're looking at you) and reduces puffiness. AND, each globe looks so pretty that it could easily be mistaken for a festive bathroom decoration (at least, we think so, in our humble, beauty-mad opinion...).

Take them to the future

The acclaimed {NuFACE} {Mini Facial Toning Device} — a cutting edge micro current facial device that improves facial contour and minimises the look of fine lines — used with NuFACE’s {Hydrating Aqua Gel} and signature Clean Sweep Applicator Brush to give what's been coined as the 'natural facelift'. The nearest thing you'll find to Doctor Who's time-turning phone booth, this won't let you travel through time but it will make its lucky recipient look like they've spent Christmas taking in the fresh alpine air in a luxe Swiss retreat when they deign to return to the office.

Match their aesthetic

Know a beauty who likes their possessions to fit with the theme of their Instagram feed? {Herbivore's} beautiful {Jade Facial Roller} works wonders for skin and wellbeing, and is certain to please a committed aesthete... A great way to counteract festive excesses (this stimulates drainage to quickly eliminate toxins and minimise puffiness), you don't want to miss out on securing this EXCLUSIVE essential.

For the friend that loves an extraction facial, this pretty pink {Dermapore} — which also comes in a delicate mint — is a 2-in-1 ultrasonic tool that helps to unclog pores and encourage deeper penetration of your Holy Grail serums and moisturising potions. For a seriously deep cleaning (sink-side or in the shower — it's waterproof!), set the tool to ‘Extract Mode’ and work the gently curved spatula over congested skin and watch the steady vibrations work their unclogging magic. Follow up with your favourite serum or moisturiser and activate the ‘Infuse Mode’ to gently work the product deeper into your skin with tapping vibrations.

For the crystal-lovers, nothing will thrill quite like the {Self Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask} by "Hollywood Glow Girl" {Angela Caglia}. Incredibly pretty (and no less practical!), it's a must-have for those who struggle with relaxing before bed; it's ultra-luxurious and the first of its kind, renowned for its calming, soothing and "self love" energy that comes from intricately woven, real rose quartz crystals. We're also partial to a {Limited Edition Icons Edit Gift Set} by {Slip}, which not only looks incredibly beautiful, but treats tired eyes to 100% pure mulberry silk — developed and refined over 10 years for ultimate quality. Plus, it comes complete with a matching scrunchie for extra style points on Christmas morning.

a selection of slip scrunchies and baubles
For the one that has everything

The new {Body Towel} by {Resorè} is a failsafe option for the ones that have everything; it's made from the softest, most advanced (and sustainably sourced) plant-based cellulose fibres, and each hydrophilic (water-loving!) towel leaves skin hydrated, rejuvenated and supported while the active ingredients Silverbac and Lyocell combine to tackle germs and mouldy odours while inhibiting the spread and incubation of 99.9% of bacteria. The Lyocell and Rayon Bamboo make the texture hypoallergenic too, gently removing oils, bacteria and sebum without ruffling skin's feathers. Plus, the soft and fluffy texture is the ultimate, pampering experience.


Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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