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Get to know the all-star Sunday Riley arrivals

Powered by science and balanced by botanicals, Sunday Riley’s supercharged formulations provide a visible, measurable improvement – instantly. Each carefully crafted {skin care} blend provides immediate improvement plus long-term payoff, and now there are all-new additions to the game-changing range…


Like a tall glass of restorative moisture, this all-new {Pink Drink Essence} comes to the rescue of compromised complexions by empowering your skin’s natural microbiome. A peptide duo of Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9 and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11 work in synergy to promote firmer skin that’s a vision of youth, while a concoction of chlorella, kelp, pink yeast filtrate and fermented honey lend the formula a prebiotic effect: to support and balance the aforementioned microbiome. A green-tea derived antioxidant, ceramides and vitamin-rich apricot and cucumber extracts are the finishing touches, that reveal a soft, fresh-faced finish. In essence (wink, wink), this nourishing cocktail is here to quench and calm your skin!


*pew pew* Zap existing and burgeoning blemishes with a blast from the {Saturn Sulfur Spot Treatment}. Working to battle the root cause, this medicated on-the-spot treatment calls upon a whopping 10% of pore-purifying sulphur to dry out and absorb any excess sebum while clarifying and working to remove dead skin cells. As if that wasn’t enough, 4% niacinamide promotes clear skin and glow while zinc PCA and volcanic ash-derived bentonite draw out impurities, balance, reduce excess oil and soothe redness. Tea tree and manuka oil then work in harmony to purify your skin for a smoother, clearer complexion. The result? A face that feels happy and refreshed, not congested and dull!


This liquid gold {Clean Rinse Clarifying Scalp Serum} makes like Rumpelstiltskin and helps you spin congested scalps (and straw-like strands) into visibly cleaner, healthier-looking hair. It has a blend of glycolic and salicylic acids that exfoliates the surface of your scalp, capturing product build-up and dissolving excess sebum. Rose clay and witch hazel work to gently extract impurities and residue, while zinc PCA helps to balance both oily and dry scalps. All of this clarifying action is then diluted by essential fatty acids (in the form of vitamin F) and jasmine essential oil to rehydrate and soothe, plus niacinamide to encourage healthy hair growth and a vitamin B complex to promote healthy-looking tresses and scalp.


Bethan Robinson

Bethan Robinson

Senior Copywriter

Bethan is a Senior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.