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She’s So Cult: Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal of Victoria Beckham Beauty

To celebrate the launch of {Victoria Beckham Beauty} at Cult Beauty, we just had to sit down with the brand’s co-founders – Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal. The last word in chic and ultra-effective beauty staples, this collection harnesses industry-leading ingredients to deliver decadent make up and cutting-edge skin care that caters to modern demands with their effortless textures and wearable tones.

Read on to find out more behind the brand’s beginnings, strong ethical ethos as well as a few insights in the co-founders favourite products and bedside essentials…

{Cult Beauty} First things first, can you tell us a little bit about the brand’s beginnings? What’s Victoria Beckham Beauty’s story so far?

{VB} Sarah and I founded Victoria Beckham Beauty after working together on our Estee Lauder collaboration years ago. We had an instant connection and with her years of product development experience, she really knew how to make my dream products come to life. Since then we had been dreaming of developing a brand together, where we could freely create what we wanted and what we knew was missing from the beauty industry.

{SC} When we first started creating this brand, Victoria and I asked ourselves – what would the most amazing luxury beauty brand look like in ten years? And our journey has been just that – creating what we want to see in the beauty world, pulling away from antiquated ideals and formulations to create a truly modern beauty brand.

{CB} Can you describe Victoria Beckham Beauty in just three words for us please?

{VB} streamlined, high performance, luxury!

{SC} clean, innovative, sustainably-minded.

{CB} What were the main objectives when creating Victoria Beckham Beauty?

VB} We set out to welcome everyone who loves beauty, inclusive of all genders, skin tones, and ages. We want to help people fuel their lives inside and out with easy-to-use products that are the highest quality out there. And it had to be beautiful, of course!

{SC} Our objective was to create what we wanted the future of beauty to look like – super clean products that perform at the highest luxury level, that look great being pulled out of your bag.

{CB} When designing your forthcoming launches, how do you know when you’ve nailed it?

{VB} When I feel like… this is it, this is something that I’ve always been missing from my make up collection.

{SC} When the product lives up to both our clean formulation and high-performance standards – a delicate and difficult balance to achieve.

{CB} Can you tell us which product was the hardest one to formulate/develop?

{VB} Developing {Satin Kajal Liner} was no small feat, we wanted a super creamy formula that had waterproof staying power and of course clean ingredients.

{SC} Finding the perfect shade of {Bitten Lip Tint} that was universal and looked amazing on all lip tones took us almost 60 lab submissions and rigorous panel testing!

{CB} Of course, your products are much more than really good-looking. Can you tell us about the Victoria Beckham Beauty ethos?

{VB} Our brand pillars are as important to us as the products themselves. Creating this brand from the ground up has afforded us the luxury of a brand ethos we are proud to stand behind. It’s important to me that we create a brand that is kind to ourselves, our community, and the world.

{SC} Safety, transparency, education, and inclusivity are all brand pillars we stand by. From our formulations to our packaging and the information we put out there, it is so important for us to educate our community on the process of creating our product and the ingredients that go into these formulas. Representation of all skin tones in our marketing, product development process, and product offering are extremely important to us as a brand.

{CB} And for those unfamiliar with Victoria Beckham Beauty, what product is certain to trigger addiction?

{VB} For me, it’s {Lip Definer}, I’m completely obsessed! I’ve lost count of how many I’ve gone through since we’ve developed it (No 02 is my go-to nude).

{SC} Once you try Satin Kajal Liner you will never look back! The creamiest formula with a waterproof dry down so you can create any look and it will lock in place for all-day wear. I also have sensitive eyes, and I use this in my waterline without any irritation whatsoever!

{CB} Difficult question: Do you have a favourite product in the line?

{VB} It’s constantly changing but right now it’s {Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer} in ‘Golden’ – the most stunning golden glow with amazing long-lasting skin care benefits.

{SC} Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, hands down. It has completely transformed my skin to be healthier, more radiant, firmer, and deeply hydrated with less redness. I don’t go a single day without it.

{CB} And what sets Victoria Beckham Beauty apart from the rest of the beauty industry?

{VB} I think our attention to detail is unmatched. From the packaging to the shades and ingredients, every product is really a labour of love.

{SC} From years of working in the beauty industry, I know that our high-quality standards are unique. We are creating our dream products without any potentially harmful ingredients.

{CB} Is there also an unsung hero within the range we really need to try and why?

{VB} I’d say our {Smoky Eye Bricks}. Everyone loves the packaging but the product itself is the smoothest eyeshadow with the most seamless application.

{SC} {Lid Lustre}! It’s like a one-step smoky eye. They are highly pigmented eyeshadow pots with the perfect level of shimmer for a super easy but high glam look.

{CB} We’re smitten with your Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser. Can you tell us why it was so important to team up with Professor Augustinus Bader and including his TFC8 technology in the formula?

{VB} I’m only interested in skin care that delivers real results. I’ve been an avid {Augustinus Bader} user for a long time and I knew we needed to work together for our first skin care launch.

{SC} Victoria and I both truly believe the science behind Augustinus Bader’s amazing TFC8 technology, and we knew this would take our formulas to the next level.

{CB} Do you have techniques or application tips to maximise your products’ efficacy?

{VB} Our Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer is an amazing multi-use product. I use it under my make up as an illuminating, hydrating base, and I layer it over top of my make up at the high points of my face throughout the day for extra glow.

{SC} For maximum efficacy, use Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum underneath Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer for double the skin-enhancing benefits. These products are also safe to use around the eye, so if I’m in a hurry I skip the eye cream!

{CB} ‘Anti-ageing’ as a phrase is growing dated, with more and more women embracing their years and aiming instead to look good as opposed to looking young. Do you think this shift is here to stay and how can those with more mature complexions keep things looking luminous?

{VB} It’s not about anti-aging for us, it’s all about being the best version of yourself and embracing what makes you unique. It’s about being the best version of yourself, taking care of yourself and feeling good.

{SC} We are focused on optimising skin health, repairing the past and preventing future damage for your best skin yet. To us, beautiful skin does not mean wrinkle-free skin – it’s skin that is smooth, hydrated and glowing with health. That’s what our skin care delivers.

{CB} Can you share some of the design elements you incorporated in the brand that reflect the ethos of Victoria Beckham Beauty as being ‘beauty in motion’ for on-the-go people.

{VB} Bitten Lip Tint is a prime example. It makes your look amazing with minimal effort. One quick swipe on your lips and cheeks is all you need. I don’t even need a mirror to apply it – it’s so fool-proof!

{SC} We included a smudger on the end of Satin Kajal Liner so that you don’t need any extra tools to create your liner look. Lid Lustre is best applied with your finger, no brushes needed, and we kept the base of the jar clear so that it’s easy to know which shade you’re pulling from your bag.

{CB} Now, how have you seen the beauty industry change over the years?

{VB} Our community cares about what goes on behind the scenes, that’s why transparency is key for us. We are always thinking up new ways to involve our community in the development process. I love that we can communicate directly!

{SC} Consumers are so much more informed now and it’s really an amazing thing. They care about the ingredients in the products they are using and where they are sourced from. They want to join brands that have a vision not just for beauty but for the greater good.

{CB} And what beauty rules do you think we still need to break?

{VB} The idea of “perfection” is so dated to me. I love a smudgy liner, smoky eye, and lived in make up. I actually prefer the way my make up looks a few hours after it’s been applied.

{SC} There should be no rules in beauty. Make it your own, I love seeing what new ways our products can be used, it’s so inspiring.

{CB} When did you first fall in love with beauty/what was your product?

{VB} My love of lip liner started in the Spice Girls days. That’s why developing Lip Definer has been so important for me – creating the perfect tool for your ideal defined lip.

{SC} Mascara! It was that and Carmex lipbalm for my first foray into beauty.

{CB} If you could go back and give your younger self any piece of advice, what would it be?

{VB} Embrace what makes you unique. Enjoy the journey as much as your accomplishments.

{SC} Just stay focused on what is your passion, the rest will follow!

{CB} And if we were to have access to your handbag for a rummage, which beauty item(s) are we guaranteed to find?

{VB} I always have Lip Definer in shade 02 and Bitten Lip Tint in my bag. The quickest way to pull my look together while I’m out.

{SC} Smoky Eye Brick – my go-to product and the chicest handbag mirror there is!

{CB} Do you have any bedside beauty essentials?

{VB} I always have an under-eye mask ready to go on my bedside table.

{SC} Victoria recommended Weleda Skin Food as an intense cream for hands and elbows, and I usually use that before I go to sleep.

{CB} And if you could recommend one treatment that people should be incorporating into their wider routine, what would it be?

{VB} My new obsession is steaming my face before using a face mask or putting on my skin care. It opens up the pores so your products soak into the skin better.

{SC} For me, it’s all about how you treat your skin on a daily basis. Use really high-performance skin care daily and incorporate some easy facial massages while you’re putting on your skin care. When I have time, or really need to depuff, I use the Jillian Dempsey {Gold Sculpting Bar} with our Power Serum.

{CB} What are your favourite good-to-skin ingredients that people need to incorporate into their routines?

{VB} Augustinus Bader’s TFC8 technology is life-changing. It’s in both Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum and Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in the {Cell Rejuvenating Regimen: The Healthy Skin Set}. It stimulates natural cell repair and renewal for your healthiest skin yet.

{SC} I love Hyaluronic Acid, there’s a reason it’s in so many of our products! The key is using it in a small enough molecular weight that it can be used by the skin, and doesn’t block the penetration of other good-for-you ingredients. In Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, we use a fragmented Hyaluronic Acid that draws hydration and other actives deeply into your skin. It also helps to visually plump your lips in Bitten Lip Tint and creates a super smooth application in Smoky Eye Brick.

{CB} Finally, what does ‘cult’ mean to you, and how does this apply to Victoria Beckham Beauty?

{VB} Cult changes the game, it’s something unique that you cannot stop using.

{SC} Cult classics – the secrets you discover and can’t stop yourself from sharing.


Emmie Thornhill

Emmie Thornhill

Deputy Content Editor

Emmie is Cult Beauty’s Deputy Content Editor. Her love of skin care began in primary school when she first learned the term “hormonal acne” and has been in a love-hate relationship with tea tree oil ever since. She lives in East London – where you can normally find her baking, tending to her plant jungle or planning her next tattoo or hair cut/colour appointment – and is known to start DMCs with you about your birth chart placements, the importance of wearing SPF every day and the difference between a vagina and vulva.