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Bring some South of France vibes to your eyeshadow wardrobe

Bringing serious South of France vibes to your palette collection, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ has swapped L.A. for St. Tropez (bien sûr!)… As essential as stripes to your eyeshadow wardrobe, the {Riviera Palette} has dropped anchor at Port CB and we’re all aboard this rainbow of chic, sunsh-EYE-ne shades.

Anything you Cannes do, this stellar, 14-pan edit of soft matte and shimmering hues can live up to. Jam-packed with pigment, these stunning colours blend effortlessly to achieve an array of arresting effects. Equally perfect for pairing with matelots and maillots as red-carpet finery, this breath-taking spectrum will elevate every ensemble.

Beautifully buttery, choose from the glistening Côte d’Azur-hued ‘Mediterranean’, hot coral ‘Monte Carlo’ and golden toned ‘Inheritance’, and get set to generate endlessly beautiful looks with these look-at-me shadows. From painterly washes to intricate’ cut creases’, play with this palette for days to bring French joie de vivre to your everyday gaze (as well as a guaranteed smile to your face).

Stylishly dressed in its blue and white outfit, this gorgeous offering looks just as chic from the outside as in. Deserving pride of place on any stylish dressing table, the {Riviera Eye Shadow Palette} demands admiration… time to book two weeks in Cap Ferrat, stat!


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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