She’s so Cult: Psycle’s CEO Rhian Stephenson

To mark our EXCLUSIVE cult collab with London’s coolest fitness studio, Psycle’s CEO revealed the ‘Holy Grail’ ingestibles she trusts to care for skin that has a gruelling workout ritual. A Nutritionist, Naturopath and exercise evangelist, Rhian Stephenson’s on a mission to empower everyone – from avid gym-goers to those who hate breaking a sweat – to discover the positive impact that exercise has on the body (and soul!). With knowledge that spans physiology, nutrition and functional medicine, Rhian is equipped to evaluate health and wellbeing from every perspective, making her the perfect ‘poster woman’ for the growing movement movement.

Providing four class-based workouts – ride, barre, strength and yoga – {Psycle} is the destination for those who like high-octane fitness experiences. Energetic, immersive and led by a team of instructors who ‘bring it’ to all of their sessions, don’t miss the chance to boost health and wellbeing while ‘spinning’ with likeminded fitness fanatics.

So, want to find out what the (well-deserved) hype’s all about? We’ve teamed up with {Psycle} to offer you THREE classes for £30! An incredible chance to unleash your addiction to ‘spin’ or discover you’re made for ballet, you can try different things or commit to one workout – we promise, you’ll exit the gym on a wave of endorphins…

Now, we’ll hand over to Rhian…

“I put my face (muscles and joints!) through their paces so try to ensure that my diet is brimming with four key ingredients. Great for maintaining cell health, the following heroes make such a big difference when ingested and used topically, so maximise their benefits by waging double-pronged attack on these main beauty bugbears…”

If you have… inflamed skin that’s losing its ‘spring’

Skin Saviour: antioxidants

What it is: carotenoid antioxidants are nutritional powerhouses – they prevent cellular damage. Research shows that they can reduce inflammation and have protective effects, boost energy, endurance, skin health and reduce signs of ageing (yes please!). They can directly affect skin’s elasticity, tone, texture and coloration and help to shield the skin from sun exposure (not a substitute for sunscreen though!). Food wise, you’ll want to go for deep coloured veg, fruit, avocado, and superfoods like goji, turmeric and rosemary.

Best product: Vintner’s Daughter’s {Active Botanical Serum}

If you have… dry, lacklustre, scaly skin

Skin Saviour: hyaluronic acid

What it is: a lubricating substance that is produced naturally in the body. It’s found in greatest concentrations in the skin, joints and other tissues where it helps retain collagen, moisture and provides elasticity. HA works by helping the skin matrix hold onto moisture and collagen (and therefore volume and tone). It takes about six weeks of consistent use to see the change, but this one is a goodie, and has the added benefit of helping lubricate joints at the same time, so perfect for athletes. Hyaluronic acid also helps stimulate the production of collagen, which is our next saviour. The best way to boost HA in your diet is by including starchy veg and getting enough protein in the diet.

Best product: The Ordinary {Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5}

If you have… acne

Skin Saviour: lactoferin

What it is: an iron-binding glycoprotein that has powerful anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, antibacterial and anti-fungal effects. Diet is key with acne, but adding a course of lactoferrin will help to reduce inflammation, sebum production, and help heal damaged tissue. Lactoferrin is an over the counter supplement, that will take care of internal causes of acne (always consult your physician if you’re pregnant or on medication before starting supplements) and

Best product: Sunday Riley {A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum}

If you have… good skin but want to delay signs of ageing

Skin Saviour: collagen

What it is: collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is one of the critical building blocks of the skin. It helps to maintain its elasticity, structure, integrity, and is also essential in skin cell turnover. Collagen production decreases naturally with age, and is also affected by inflammation and nutritional deficiencies. Bone broth and hydrolysed collagen supplements are two easy ways of supplementing collagen internally.

Best Product: Dr Roebuck’s {Perky Collagen Boosting Serum


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