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The heroes you need in your skin care regime, it’s time to find out why these {fresh} products are found on the shelves of {skin care} connoisseurs…

A #CultCommunity favourite, the world-renowned {Soy Face Cleanser} is an ultra-gentle, suits-all foaming formula, that generates the most refreshing (non-stripping!) lather to deep cleanse and purge every pore of embedded dirt, grime and impurities. Delicately scented and infused with soothing soy, calming cucumber, nourishing borage and balancing rose water, this silky gel-balm is grrrrrreat for awaking your face in the morning…

My favourite cleanser! I’ve tried a few other cleansers but this is my all-time fave! I love its scent, plus it’s super gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes which I find some other cleansers do. It feels really nice to use and I never feel like it strips my skin. Love using it!” – Emily, Cult Beauty customer

Proving they’re as capable of caring for your body as they are your face, fresh’s {Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant} provides long-lasting protection from unwanted odours while soothing skin with the likes of aloe leaf and witch hazel water. With its non-staining glide-on applicator, it also absorbs extraordinarily quick to achieve comfortable dryness with a delicious scent all day long.

Great smell and it really works! This is by far the best deodorant I have used. The smell is great and my armpits stay dry. I haven’t used this in really hot weather but looking at the other reviews I don’t think this will fail me. It’s way better than any high street brand and worth the money as it’s lasted me a couple of months.Ffion, Cult Beauty customer

A godsend for city dwellers, fresh’s {Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence} shields skin from pollution (and thus delays premature wrinkles) via antioxidant-rich fermented sweet black tea. Plus, a helping of hyaluronic acid promotes a dewy and healthy lustre! Simply glide the lightweight leave-on essence over your skin and revel in the radiant finish.

Game-changer! I don’t think I could be without this in my routine now. Not only does it smell amazing and make my skin feel so plump and hydrated, but it really does make all my other products work that bit harder. My skin has never felt better and I think that this is the secret ingredient. It has really upped my skin care game.Sarah, Cult Concierge

Jam-packed with strawberry extracts to brighten and polish your skin to perfection, fresh {Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash} is a gentle daily cleanser that prevents pore-clogging impurities from compromising clarity and radiance. With soft sugar crystals to ‘buff’ without damaging sensitive skin types, this heavenly scented concoction smells scrumptious… just don’t give in to the urge to spread it on toast.

An instant repurchase. I use this once a week on wet skin and it’s such a beautiful experience; it smells lovely and feels so nice. I was really wary about using a physical exfoliant but this doesn’t feel like it’s scratching or stripping my skin in the slightest.” – Miriam, Cult Beauty customer

Picture dew on a petal and you’ll conjure the essence of this little miracle’s thirst-quenching prowess… A loooong drink for tight, stressed or thirsty complexions, the {Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream} keeps your cells plumped-up and skin looking perfectly petal-esque all. day. long. Lightweight and swiftly absorbed, this balancing, soothing, refreshing and youth-boosting crème is a godsend. Don’t believe us? We’ll hand over to you one of the Cult Community…

New favourite, will never look back! I tried this when a few days’ sun and over-enthusiastic retinol application left my skin SO dry, sore and sensitive. This cream instantly felt good, cooling and calming without triggering any further sensitivity, and WOW does it hydrate. I finally understand why fresh are known for this cream — I’ll never switch it out for anything else.” – Sara, Cult Beauty customer

Lip balm but not as you know it, fresh {Sugar Lip Treatment} feels like the snuggliest comfort blanket for your kiss, cosseting lips with a nourishing cocktail of orange extract to protect and sea fennel to smooth lines and boost definition. The star of the show is sugar — a natural healer (and an excellent humectant) — that keeps skin hydrated for hours on end. A chapped pout is a thing of the past!

I have been using this for two days and my lips are so soft, already more defined and plump. I have naturally quite thin lips and I can really see a noticeable difference after a couple of days use. This will become a staple in my handbag from now on!” – Maxine, Cult Beauty customer




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Verity Douglas

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