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Milk Makeup’s co-founder shares her get-ready essentials

Co-founder of Milk Makeup and busy (understatement!) mum of twins, Zanna Roberts Rassi has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to looking fabulous, fast! Armed with an edit of Milk Makeup must-haves – from flash masks to handbag-compatible tints – browse the essentials she trusts to awaken her face and ensure she arrives looking perfectly polished with seconds to spare…

“Hey #CultBeauties, Zanna here! I’m one of Milk Makeup’s co-founders and I want to talk you through the summer essentials I swear by to help me look fresh-faced with seconds to spare…

STEP 1 {Cooling Water Undereye Patches}

Jam-packed with caffeine to boost circulation and swiftly de-puff tired eyes, these magical patches are like an espresso for cells that could do with a jump-start… plus, they feel great when it’s hot (or you drank too much rosé)

STEP 2 {Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask}

Hydration in a flash! I use this in the mornings when my skin is feeling particularly dry and lizard-like… I apply it pre-breakfast, make a coffee (and make the kids laugh at my ogre-esque face) then wash off in the shower. No messy mask hands!!

STEP 3 {Sunshine Oil} and Isle of Paradise {Self Tanning Drops – Medium}

“I’m a self-tan addict and have tried virtually every one on the market. After a lot of research (trial and error!) my winning combination for an even and realistic glow is a few of these gradual drops with our (aptly named) Sunshine Oil. I apply at night and wake up looking like I’ve had 10 hours sleep (which in reality, hasn’t happened since 2014).”

STEP 4 {Hydro Grip Primer}

“This primer is a godsend on days when you’re pitting your make up against the environment… I was never a big fan of primers because my skin is naturally on the drier side, but this dewy formula plumps and replenishes moisture – whilst acting like Velcro for make up!”

STEP 5 {KUSH Lip Glaze

“Summer can be just as brutal as winter when it comes to chapped, scaly lips. For a healthy, soft and plumped-up kiss, I apply a slick of my favourite KUSH Lip Glaze – laced with cannabis-derived extracts to soothe and condition while granting a cool, glossy finish in the day. Also pre-bed, I apply and it acts as a lip mask – my lips feel like pillows come morning!”

Thanks for reading #CultBeauties! I’m off out to soak up some sunshine… 


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