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It’s time to get to know the #CultCommunity

This time last week we were (frantically) gearing ourselves up to host some of Cult Beauty’s longest standing devotees. We invited 20 of our most evangelical fans to bring one of their friends to an evening devoted to chatting, imbibing and sampling products with opportunities for one-to-one consultations with Beauty Advisors, as well as the chance to enjoy mini treatments and masterclasses with some of our most renowned brands – {Omorovicza}, {Oskia}, {BY TERRY}, {IT Cosmetics} and {Zelens} were all on hand to offer flash facials, massages, shade-matching and tips for achieving a chic ‘French girl’ glow.

Team Cult Beauty were also around, pouring Prosecco, discussing their ‘Holy Grail’ cleansers and revelling in good ol’ glossips with fellow cosmetic obsessives. We LOVED meeting all of the guests who attended and couldn’t have wished for a more fun-filled evening. The #CultCommunity are every bit as awesome as you’d probably expect, so we thought it only right and proper that we celebrated some of those who’ve helped us reach 11 (and made our birthday party extra special)…

Nassima was pictured in front of Cult Beauty’s famous ‘living wall’

Nassima Iggoute (@beaussima) is a beauty-besotted school teacher and new mum to eight-week old Leila (huge congratulations!!) who owns to being relatively stressed… although we have to admit that her glorious glow belied sleep-deprivation or huge life adjustments! “I’m super, duper beauty obsessed” said Nassima, who owns that her “skin care regime is everything” (we could tell!). “It used to be the other way round – I was all about the make up until I reached my mid-twenties and realised ‘Ooops, I need to fix this’ so I did the full 180 and I’m totally fanatical about my double-cleansing.”

{CB} How did you discover Cult Beauty? 

{NI} “I think it was Caroline Hirons – I was desperate to get the first box that you did with her but was too late to the party… it triggered a beautiful thing though! The first product I bought from Cult Beauty was the Anastasia {Brow Wiz} but my first skin care buy was the Oskia {Renaissance Cleansing Gel} and that is what started to change my skin. It does everything – it takes off the make up, keeps my skin hydrated should I not have time to moisturise because: baby (!!) and, it never breaks me out. I love it.”

{CB} And what does ‘cult’ mean to you?

{NI} Life changing. I think skin is so important – discovering Oskia’s cleanser completely changed my skin and my confidence. I hated having breakouts – especially as a teacher when you’re marking someone’s book and accidentally touch your face then leave a big foundation mark on students’ homework and you just think… Noooooo!”

{CB} And if you had to choose a favourite Cult Beauty brand, which one would you choose?

{NI} “Oh Gooood don’t do this to me! It would definitely be skin care… erm… arrrrrgh! OH! Tata. Has to be {Tata Harper} – how could I forget about her? I love love love her stuff. Her {Purifying Cleanser} is incredible – I bought the supersize and I decant it into that gorgeous green glass bottle. It’s the first non-Oskia cleanser I felt really did something.”

{CB} Finally, do you have a beauty tip? Which piece of advice will you pass on to Leila?

{NI} “Double cleanse! And a facial oil. Start with an oil and end with an oil, is what I would say.”

Miranda (above left) pictured with her friend, Tao Tao Xing

Miranda Waller has only very recently launched her own fashion label called {Jean&Temple} (@jeanandtemple) which is all about simple perennial ‘basics’ all made from sustainably sourced cashmere, silk and wool. Think: ultra-soft sweaters, loose ‘I’m with the band’ t-shirts and timeless knit dresses which don’t follow trends but instead, are the kind of investments you’ll turn to again and again. “It’s quite rock ‘n’ roll with an ethical edge” says Miranda. “Like wearing your big brother’s jumper.”

{CB} How did you find out about Cult Beauty?

{MW} “I think it’s just that I follow quite a few MUAs on Instagram and so many of them were talking about Cult and bringing it to my attention. With most make up sites you can get lost because there are SO many products and it feels a little overwhelming, but what I find so refreshing about {Cult Beauty} is that you guys help to point people in the right direction. It’s so much easier to navigate.”

{CB} What do you love most about Cult Beauty?

{MW} “I like the fact that you have so many reviews, so you really can find out quite easily – and honestly – what people think about a particular brand or product. It makes it so much easier to figure out which things might work for you, based on people’s skin type, preferences and so on. And I also love your spotlights on the trends that are emerging – you’re quick to celebrate the next ‘big’ thing which always feels refreshing and authoritative.”

{CB} What was the first thing you bought?

{MW} I’m pretty sure it was brushes – you’re really testing my memory here… but, yep, I’ll go with brushes. I think I bought some {Morphe} must-haves – an excellent gateway.”

{CB} Favourite Cult Beauty brand?

{MW} “Whyyyyy that’s so tough! I think I’ll have to go with perfume – the Laboratory Perfumes’ {Amber Eau de Toilette} is amazing. I’m all over it.”

{CB} Your ‘Holy Grail’ product?

{MW} “Ooooh, the new Herbivore body scrub [{Coco Rose Body Polish}] I’ve just bought. It’s the pink one – it’s so good my skin just feels insane afterwards. My skin really does feel insane. I always think with most scrubs. ‘It’s nice, it’s just another sugar scrub’ but with this one, it actually does feel amazing.”

Lou (above left) pictured with her friend, Rachel Lake

Lou Lickley (@mistresstink) is a self-professed addict when it comes to beauty products. A true guru with a near encyclopaedic knowledge of ‘What’s New’, chatting to her (and her lovely friend Rachel) was an absolute joy. Their combined enthusiasm was infectious as we almost finished one another’s sentences – recommending favourites, weighing up the pros and cons of cleansers and deliberating which products we’d rescue from a burning building…

{CB} Tell us which Cult Beauty product you buy on repeat…

{LL} “I mean… I have to say eyeshadow palettes, and that isn’t because I’ve ever finished one! I think I have at least… er… 50!?”

{CB} Which palette’s your favourite?

{LL} “You’re asking me to choose between my children! If I had to choose I would have to go with the Natasha Denona {Gold Palette}. I mean, how. beautiful. is Natasha Denona? I saw that you’d released the {Sunrise Palette} the other day but it sold out as I was frantically adding it to basket… the next thing I knew, the {Sunset Palette} had “fallen” into my bag and was winging its way to my doorstep.”

{CB} What’s on your Cult Beauty wishlist?

{LL} “What isn’t on my wishlist? Er, nothing because I just buy it as soon as I want it… there must be something. There’s something I looked at today that says ‘Coming Soon’ – er, Charlotte Tilbury’s {Hot Lips 2}. Have you seen the packaging for it? Gorgeous. That’s why I want it. I want at least three of them.”

{CB} What does ‘cult’ mean to you?

{LL} “Loved by lots of people in the know, something you can’t live without and that you know is really going to perform well. I feel like 95% of the stuff sold on Cult Beauty is amazing – I can honestly say I either own, or plan on owning almost the entirety of the website. Whoops.”

{CB} And finally, what’s your best beauty tip?

{LL} “There’s a make up artist that I’ve been following who recommends you powder your face after skin care, before you put primer and foundation on. I know it sounds bizarre but I tried it the other day and i can honestly say that my make up looked great when I got home. Tell your friends…”


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Verity Douglas

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