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Help us defeat gynaecological cancers

Did you know there are five types of gynaecological cancer? Probably not. Women’s wellbeing – especially gynaecological health – is a subject that’s only acknowledged in whispers; a topic that’s shrouded in stigma and something we’re often embarrassed to talk about.

Which is why The Lady Garden is determined to instigate change – to not only fund vital research and offer support to those coping with gynaecological cancer but also, to tackle the shame and raise vital awareness to help women recognise symptoms, seek regular check-ups and, most importantly, speak to each other and share their experiences.

Created by a group of women, all of whom have been touched in some way by these scarily named ‘silent killers’, The Lady Garden Foundation is working with us to encourage some frank conversations. It’s high time we stopped feeling awkward and learned to confide in each other – not just about health but about our desires; let’s stop beating around the bush, shall we?

And it’s in this spirit that we’re honoured to share Laura Moses’ account of her struggle. Diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer at the age of 27, Laura’s courage in the face of this incredibly rare diagnosis is a powerful story of hope – as well as a candid account of the hurdles she’s faced on the road to recovery. Now in remission, Laura is determined to help other women by making some overdue ‘noise’ about something potentially devastating.

Laura knew something wasn’t ‘right’ – suffering from chronic cramps, constipation and severe back pain, she repeatedly sought medical advice but was consistently sent on her way without making much headway. Following not one but three misdiagnoses, Laura’s frustration – together with her conviction – led her to The Royal Marsden, her ‘saviour’, who finally identified the cause of her discomfort.

Diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer – ‘3C’ means that larger deposits of cancer cells have spread from the ovaries to the spleen, liver or lymph – and with uncertainty surrounding her prognosis, Laura admits that…

   “You can’t help but think death

And fear taking that last breath.

          But you have to switch on survival mode

     And set off down a long road”

While many of us would feel hopeless, Laura refused to give in. An intensive course of chemotherapy ensued, along with major surgery and in November 2016, Laura’s oncologist declared that she was in remission. However, the struggle had taken a psychological – as well as a physiological – toll. “It was time to adjust to a new normal” writes Laura, whose head is still “full of what ifs”.

With her future uncertain – “cancer might once again make himself known” – Laura has made it her mission to “be a helpful voice”. Determined to speak out and tackle ovarian cancer, her message is clear: it’s time to talk, take stock and UNITE.

And in the spirit of unity, members of Team Cult Beauty will be running The Lady Garden’s forthcoming 5K and 10K charity run to earn sponsorship and show our commitment to raising awareness about an unfairly ‘hushed’ subject. We’re determined to support The Lady Garden Foundation on their quest to educate and fund life-saving research into the treatment and cure of these devastating illnesses. If you wish to take part, or would like to sponsor us, you can do so {here}.

And don’t forget that 10% of profits from the sales of products in our {Sexual Pleasure & Wellness} category go directly to The Lady Garden – the perfect excuse for some well-deserved self-love.



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Verity Douglas

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