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Thought Huda Kattan was a force to be reckoned with? Well, when TWO Kattans teamed up to make their own fragrances, all your perfumery wishes came true… 

Huda, together with sister Mona (a self-professed perfume obsessive), has spent years finessing the first fragrant foray, and now their endeavours are here to evoke the magic and mystique of the Middle East *swoon*. Called {KAYALI} – meaning ‘my imagination’ in Arabic – these perfumes are meant to be layered, melding together to let you create your own signature scent. So, whether you favour sweet, creamy vanilla or like something slightly more musky, these bold and empowering perfumes all work with each other so you can achieve something truly unique.

A culture that prizes perfumery, the Middle East holds fragrance close to its heart. Scent is a key part of everyday rituals, where dressing tables teem with elaborate flacons of precious oils, heady elixirs and sensual essences. Harnessing this cultural infatuation – and putting a 21st Century twist on tradition – {KAYALI} Collection 01 is comprised of four blends that facilitate limitless scent iterations. Urging experimentation, these stunning perfumes, developed in collaboration with distinguished French perfumers Firmenich (world leaders in the field), are designed to enhance one another so you can establish a cocktail that flatters your complex persona. 

Beautifully balancing unexpected ingredients and tantalising textures, these exclusive creations are stories of opposites, marrying the otherworldly with familiar, sensual with sparkling and daring with the delicate. Glamorous and evocative, Huda and Mona have sought to develop a quartet of scents to appeal to today’s multifaceted woman.

Beginning with four fragrances, the core of which is {ELIXIR | 11} – an addictive and uplifting blend of red apple and rose petal essence with heart notes of rose centifolia, smooth jasmine sambac and woody base notes of warm amber, vanilla and Indonesian patchouli – created to ‘anchor’ and amplify each (or your signature blend) of the other three Eau de Parfums. 

“Personalisation is a growing movement and our concept empowers people to express their unique tastes and individuality” explains Mona; “While we want to guide noses into new fragrant territories, we also want to encourage experimentation!” 

This playfulness is pivotal, and ultimately what distinguishes {KAYALI} from ‘the norm’. “Bespoke beauty is something we’re very passionate about” continues Mona, who layers {VANILLA | 28} and a {MUSK | 12} over {ELIXIR | 11} to create “the most gorgeous complex, floral scent.” 

Huda, however, is all for simplicity, opting to wear {CITRUS | 08} on its own for a burst of zingy freshness. “It’s not like other citrusy scents you’ve tried before” says Huda. “It’s a feminine, hypnotic burst of pink grapefruit, blackcurrant and bergamot balanced by ‘tart’ notes of rhubarb, the spice of pink pepper and warmth of must, tonka and oakmoss.” 

Which blend’s your favourite? Share your KAYALI concoctions below…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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