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Georgia Gatsby’s best-loved brow enhancers for the over 50s

She’s back! {Georgia Gatsby} shares the six products she trusts to add some realistic ‘oomph’ to over-50s eyebrows… 

“No thanks, I do not want solid eyebrows.” On the young, they can look theatrical, even ironic. But on a 50+ woman, they just look harsh and fake, as if you’re an ageing actress still playing to the back row.

So what to do if you have salt-and-pepper brows? Or bald patches where you once plucked too enthusiastically? Or dry hairs with the texture of straw? Or find nasty thick hairs suddenly sprouting among the fine?

For the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with some of the best eyebrow products on the market. As most of us go fairer as we age, I chose the lightest shades but there are plenty of others. Not every product made the cut – these are the ones I recommend:

RevitaLash {RevitaBrow}

Best for: eyebrows that feel bristly and dry; hairs that refuse to lie flat or veer off in the wrong direction; over-plucked brows

What it does: taming and deep conditioning. Even bald spots look less obvious once the hairs are more lustrous. Using the built-in applicator, you apply a thin coating once a day (I did it at night). There’s enough in the tube for four months, but my own brows were transformed within two. Concocted from peptides and botanicals, {RevitaBrow} is the brainchild of opthamologist Dr. Brinkenhoff, who invented the formula for his wife when she was suffering from cancer.

NudeStix {Eyebrow Stylus}

Best for: definition; covering small bald patches

What it does: delivers a very tidy yet surprisingly natural look. First, use the waxy pencil – which ends in a blunt straight line – to sweep over gaps in the brows. This won’t result in Kardashian caterpillars: both colour and texture are pleasingly subtle. Step two is to use the sharp edge to draw in individual hairs or tidy the edges. And for step three, there’s a clear setting gel on the other end of the stylus that keeps everything in place without stiffness. My blonde 20-something daughter tried all my eyebrow products, and this was her runaway favourite.

Charlotte Tilbury {Legendary Brows}

Best for: foolproof application in the least possible time; bald patches

What it does: thanks to its ultra-thin mascara-type applicator, anyone – even someone with shaking hands – can manage a decent brow with this one. The gel isn’t sticky; the hold is good; the product coats the brush evenly. I’m surprised this isn’t yet one of Charlotte Tilbury’s bestsellers. One small cavil: the palest shade is fine for white or blonde hair, but a bit weedy for my own fading strawberry blonde.

Benefit {Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel}

Best for: quick application, fullness and hold

What it does: adds fullness with ultra-fine microfibers; water-resistant. The tiny mascara-type wand is good at depositing colour where you want it (though too much pumping delivers unwieldy clumps of the stuff.) The gel dries, keeping brows tidy all day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills {DipBrow Pomade} applied with Anastasia’s {Duo Brush (#7B)}

Best for: sculpted brows; covering bald patches

What it does: just about everything. But you really do need a good brush to get the best out of this pot of gel. I recommend the {#7B}, which has a sharply angled brush at one end and a mascara-type wand at the other. Calling this gel a pomade sounds old-fashioned, but the makers have used every modern trick in the book: it’s waterproof, smudge-proof and glides on beautifully. You can fill in gaps by drawing individual hairs, or sweep right over them.

A little goes a long way: with a little concentration, you can achieve a defined and natural look – but overload the brush and you’re straying into Kardashian territory. Personally, I found this product more time-consuming and fiddly than the others, though I use it happily for nights out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills {Perfect Brow Pencil}

Best for: speedy application; filling gaps; a natural look

What it does: the same as any other brow pencil, but better. It’s all in the formula, which is waxy but not sticky, very easy to apply and doesn’t budge. You can even extend your brows without looking like a clown. The mascara-type brush on the other end has just the right degree of stiffness to bend all hairs in the right direction. Perfectionists may want to set their brows with a clear gel.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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