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The Hungarian secret to luminous skin

Harnessing two whole millennia’s worth of Hungarian skin care wisdom, {Omorovicza’s} luxurious line-up successfully fuses tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Brimming with mineral-rich healing waters to nourish and supplement skin that’s depleted, using this decadent range feels like taking your face to the spa every day (you’ll practically hear stressed-out skin cells exhale…). Worshipped by Cult Beauty’s team of obsessives (you won’t find a desk that’s without {Queen of Hungary Mist}), this stellar edit is out of this world so indulge your complexion and upgrade your #shelfie with these stunning, hard-working heroes…

The ‘essence’ of the range (in every sense) is the aforementioned Hungarian thermal waters – the properties of which were first discovered over 2000 years ago, and which have since become the lifeblood of the Budapest spa scene. Boasting more thermal springs than any other city in the world (there are over 1000 thermal baths in Hungary), the secret lies beneath the city’s surface… The earth’s crust is significantly thinner in the region which is why the waters have such potent properties.

Brimming with precious minerals, the waters’ benefits have long been lauded for their skin perfecting prowess – rumour has it that the Queen of Hungary herself remained so youthful into old age that the king proposed (aged 25) when she was… let’s say, older. 

Fast-forward to the turn of the 21st Century, and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza (pronounced “o-mor-o-veet-sa”) was amazed by the impact these celebrated waters had on skin – it felt super-soft, supple and comfortably nourished. Following a visit to the {Omorovicza} family’s thermal bath – Rácz Fürdó – she, together with her husband Stephen, felt compelled to find a way to distil and deliver the curative powers of this famous ‘aqua vitae’ to the world – mimicking the skin-rejuvenating benefits of visiting the baths via a high-performance range of stunning skin care. 

The couple met with scientists at a world-leading, Nobel Prize-winning dermatological laboratory, and learned that although a bathe in the waters was (superficially) beneficial, the minerals contained within the springs were not sufficiently bio-available to have a lasting impact. Together, they set about developing a pioneering delivery system, which modifies the structure of the precious metals and minerals – a cocktail of iron, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium (among others!) – to render them readily penetrable.

The patented Hydro Mineral Transference system ensures this precious ‘Healing Concentrate’ – the result of a loooooong fermentation process – can access every skin cell to help stimulate repair. Powerfully revitalising, this impressive, rejuvenating elixir is the beating heart of Omorovicza’s ever-growing range of skin care miracles – every product is remarkable and marries Budapest’s impressive legacy with modernity, to bring something truly unique to your bathroom. 

Whether you’re new to {Omorovicza} or are already besotted, the {Queen of Hungary Mist} is the ideal introduction. A spritz with a difference, this isn’t just heavenly scented (although it smells blissful) – this mist gets cells glowing and works to ‘awaken’ your face through the day. Currently available in super neon packaging to celebrate our birthday (we’ve turned TEN!), this new and exclusive edition is easy to find in the handbag abyss… not to mention infinitely Instagrammable…

And a long-standing favourite and fixture of #TeamCB’s bathroom shelves, the cult {Thermal Cleansing Balm} stars a cocktail of muds and thermal waters to gently dissolve every trace of ‘the day’ – and because we love it *so* much, this ‘Holy Grail’ hero now comes in a supersized, 10th birthday jar! 

Which {Omorovicza} heroes do you swear by? Let us know your essentials below…


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Verity Douglas

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