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Our pick of the perfect travel-friendly perfumes

Summer in the city has its perks, but the evening commute isn’t one of the them… if your head’s wedged in somebody’s armpit, a quick spritz (or discrete ‘roll’) of one of these handbag-compatible scents will help counteract whiffs and make your tube/bus or train journey not only much more bearable, but actually, rather bloody lovely! What’s more, these chic miniature vials are ideal for the summer – they’re perfectly portable, hand luggage-friendly (and great for beautifying your beachside #flatlay).

Named after the Italian word for ‘touch’, {TOCCA’s} sensual scents are fresh, feminine and perfect for a summer jet-away. In cute 20ml rollerballs (perfect for stowing in clutch bags come wedding season), these pocket-sized vials are a great way to top-up your fragrance between desk and dinner. Essential for all those who want to feel emboldened, {Cleopatra} boasts a captivating blend of juicy grapefruit and cassis balanced by notes of golden amber and a warm, vanilla musk. 

Or, if you love scents that ‘sparkle’, {Liliana} – which comes in a beautiful, ladylike 30ml vial – evokes the fun, ‘fizz’ and frivolity of 1920s parties. With top notes of gardenia and peony, this flapper-worthy fragrance conjures all the glitz and glamour of a champagne-fuelled fiesta – feminine and flirty in the very best of ways. 

If you’re a fan of florals, look no further than Kai’s stunning rose-infused {Perfume Oil}. Melding the fresh, exotic scent of Hawaii’s white flowers (jasmine, lily and tuberose) with the smooth, subtle bloom of sun-drenched roses, this dinky rollerball is the ideal accessory for crisp cotton and boyish denim – lending sexy softness to androgynous ensembles.

Unapologetically attention-seeking, Charlotte Tilbury’s {Scent of a Dream} comes in a decadent, 30ml bottle (complete with the signature, crystalline lid!) to bejewel your dressing table – and yourself – while en vacances. Guaranteed to get you noticed, this intoxicating scent heralds your entrance while prolonging your departure; amplifying your allure with its seductive, ‘psychoactive’ base of hedione and pheromonic Iso E Super. Be warned, this isn’t one for shrinking violets…

And if you’re already addicted – or soon to be converted – Escentric Molecules’ latest offering, {Molecule 04}, comes in a gorgeous metal travel case to help ensure you smell unendingly incredible. A unisex, single-note scent, this is pure Javanol – synthetic sandalwood – which envelops the wearer with the wood’s signature warmth without the ‘heaviness’. It’s a contemporary twist on tradition, that oozes a sophisticated ‘otherness’.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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