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This skin-transforming device deserves No.1 spot on your wishlist

Here at CB Towers we’re known for being evangelical about skin care at the best of times – but certain products have got us so seriously gobsmacked by the results that we’ve been incessantly singing their praises to our friends/aunties/aunties of friends/people in the bus queue and basically anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. 

{ZIIP Beauty’s Nano Current Skincare Device} is one such product, with some clever technology behind it, and glowing reviews from our customers to boot. It’s basically like having a mini Harley Street facialist in your pocket and the best thing you can do for your face – and once you try it you’ll see why.

So how does it work? The slim flying saucer-shaped device emits an electric current into your skin, via the accompanying conductive gel. This boosts levels of something called ATP which basically ‘switches on’ the creation of elastin, collagen and moisture-retaining glycosaminoglycans (try saying that last one out loud). 

If you have images of Frankenstein’s monster and lightening bolts, think again. As founder Melanie Simon explained when {she chatted to us} about it, “we are the only device using nano-current, which is one billionth of one ampere (one ampere is roughly the the amount of energy it requires to fuel a light-bulb). Nano-current mimics the body’s own neurological impulses, to encourage cells to perform at their optimal level.”

Leading electrical facialist Julia Hart enlightened us further in her 5* review, “Nano-current is a billionth of an amp and much finer than micro-currents. They are capable of quickly recharging cells with energy, thus making them behave in a younger, healthier way. Nano-current is more in tune with our own bodies frequency, which is why it works so well on our skin.”

It’s pretty much like a gym session for your complexion – targeting cells, tissues and facial muscles. The result is boosted collagen and elasticity, a firmer more toned complexion, fewer fine lines – plus it even works to diminish acne and scarring – what’s not to like? Plus there are a number of programs to choose from (with more in development on the horizon). The pre-programmed ‘Energise’ mode combats the signs of ageing, such as crêpey texture, fine lines and lost glow.

While if you download the ZIIP Beauty iPhone app, you can link it with your device (welcome to 21st Century skin care!) to access the three other modes, depending on your concerns. Those with redness and rosacea should try ‘Sensitive Energise’, or if you’re plagued with dark circles and eye crinkles try ‘Vitaleyes’. And for acne-sufferers, there’s ‘Total Clearing’ to blitz the blemish-causing bacteria and clear the complexion. They also have a new ‘Instant Gratification’ program – an intensive, sculpting session that’s perfect to give your skin a little lift in the lead up to a big event.

If you need any more excuses, here’s what Cult Beauty customer Cheri Ann had to say. “The ZIIP makes a huge difference to the quality of my complexion. It’s, generally, more luminous and firmer (especially around the jaw) and my neck is far less crêpey… All in all, this device has amazed me (and at 60, one can’t help but be sceptical about skin care products and gadgets that purport to do miraculous things. They usually don’t). I thoroughly recommend this device, as it certainly delivers.”

Even if you don’t have mature skin, it’s great just for lifting and ‘pepping’ the skin to help combat the first signs of ageing – just ask Cult Beauty Customer, Kari. “I turned 28 recently and I’ve been ramping up my skin care routine with a lot of anti-ageing stuff the last few years… I’ve been using {ZIIP} for a few months now and every time I do the treatment I look like I’ve had one of those fancy hour-long facials at an expensive spa! My skin looks healthy, glowing and plump. Energise and Vitaleyes are my favourites.”


by Viola Levy

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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