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These incredible skin care gadgets cost a lot less than you think

Washing the ol’ boat race with hands and warm water is still (just about) socially acceptable, but if you want your skin clean – and by that we mean clean clean – you must first arm yourself with a pore purging, blackhead-banishing piece of deep cleansing kit. Whether that kit is a centuries-old piece of pseudo-potato (more on that later), a rolling stone (and we don’t mean Mick Jagger), or the latest silicone-covered face vibrator (errr…), is at your discretion…

Foreo’s {LUNA Play} looks disconcertingly NSFW – or should that be, NSFFW (not suitable for face washing). It comes in pink (magenta or ‘millenial’) and vibrates like… *cough* well… but this kinky-looking gizmo quickly tszujs all the grossness out of pores, whilst stimulating bloodflow so your cells work better. You’re only one-minute-a-day away from plumped up, younger-looking skin (and achieving it’s better than… (almost))

Ying Yu’s {Jade Facial Roller} is the lazy girl’s alternative to fingertip facial massage. ‘Kneading’ skin whilst cleansing is the perfect way to keep things clear, calm and collected – stimulating lymphatic drainage, to eliminate the toxins that cause puffiness and breakouts (particularly ’round the chin and jawline). The lymph system has no central ‘pump’, so needs a helping hand (or roll) to keep things moving – and get skin glowing.

Made from pure ‘amorphopallus konjac’ fibre (!?) – a type of Asian root (pseudo-potato) – {Konjac Sponges} are responsible for Eastern women’s flawless faces. Densely textured yet gentle – and totally natural – they exfoliate dead skin cells, help cleanser go farther and are ideal for the spot-prone; scooping up dirt that a muslin can’t get to, to help keep those breakouts at bay.

And if you like a more ‘hands on’ approach to keeping your face flawless then equip yourself with Nurse Jamie’s bizarrely brilliant invention. Her {Exfoliband Silicone Loofah} looks dauntingly extra-terrestrial, but its soft cellular structure works to slough the scales away without the risk of ruffling skin’s feathers. With two textures to cleanse both congested and delicate areas, it’s a fabulous sk-investment your bank manager won’t balk at…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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