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Why MEMO is the high-end fragrance range the world’s obsessing over

In a league of its own when it comes to creating the globe’s most delectable scents, {MEMO PARIS} is the high-end fragrance range the world’s obsessing over. Incredibly evocative and infinitely modern, these avant-garde scent-sations weave traditional aromas in new, unexpected ways to create ‘tapestries’ of fragrance that will take you on an olfactory journey – whisking you to foreign climes while conjuring the comfort of familiarity. Magnificently housed in luxurious, gold-embossed flacons, everything about these scents spells ‘decadence’. Sophisticated and bewitching, prepare to fall head-over-heels for these distinctive Eau de Parfums…

Conceived by real-life couple – and tireless explorers – John and Clara Molloy, {MEMO} is the marriage of their Irish and Parisian ancestries; fusing mutual passion for travel and fragrance to construct exquisite, aromatic snapshots of the world’s diverse (and far-flung) landscapes. A sublime selection of original, mysterious, evocative and alluring fragrances that cleverly combine the classic with the unexpected, these scents reference all corners of the globe – from Asia to the Orient, by way of Europe, Africa and the Americas – to instantly transport you to a different time and place.

Harnessing the expertise of nose Aliénor Massenet, a scent enthusiast whose love of fragrance can be traced right back to early childhood as she recollects the smell of sun-warmed skin, {MEMO} scents are laced with several ‘signatures’: you’ll find ‘religious’ notes of labdanum, incense and myrrh recurring throughout several blends, to lend a hint of spiritualism to her range of wearable yet idiosyncratic scents. These are perfumes to accompany your most precious moments – enveloping life’s landmarks with a stunning fragrant haze.

Firm in her belief that places are ‘alive’ – living, breathing ‘entities’ that exhibit unique characteristics, Clara and Aliénor collaborate to build a scent impression of a place that’s made its mark. Take {Marfa} – a heady, sweet and woody scent that conjures an impression of breathtaking rocky mountains, vibrant, cloudless skies and the warm, arid landscapes of the sun-baked Texan planes. With key notes of orange blossom, tuberose and white musk, this sexy scent lingers seductively – ideal for a free spirit who loves throwing caution to the wind.

Or, if you favour the exoticism of Southeast Asia, MEMO’s {Kedu} is a bold, full-bodied fusion of florals with citrus, sesame and subtle notes of musk. Fresh and vibrant, this evokes the clean, uplifting scents of Indonesia with an opening burst of grapefruit, mandarin and neroli, which mellows to a heart of mate, rose and freesia, balanced by a base of earthy moss, white musk and sesame. Completely gender-neutral, this is great for girls who like to make a statement (it’s intoxicating!), as well as those sophisticated folk who steer well clear of ‘common’ scents.

With a captivating fragrance to suit every personality, from fun-loving bohemians (choose {Quartier Latin}) to strong and silent types who like their fragrance laced with intrigue (try {Lalibela}), your go-to Eau de Parfum lies in wait…



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Verity Douglas

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