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This cult Californian hair care is infinitely Insta-worthy

The ultimate antidote to lacklustre locks, {REVERIE} is an incredible all-natural hair care collection, hand-crafted in California. With products packed full of luscious, follicle-feeding botanicals (contained in swoon-inducing packaging), this ‘eco-luxe’ range not only leaves locks looking über glossy and voluminous – but also smells utterly blissful!

Best of all? Everything is simple and pared back – for example, there’s simply one {SHAMPOO} and one {CONDITIONER} designed for everyone, which you then combine with their treatment and styling range to suit your hair type (we’re currently addicted to their {MILK Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment} – the kiss of life for parched, frizzy locks).

REVERIE is the creation of Californian hairstylist Garrett Markenson, whom we caught up with to tell us more about the range we like to think of as ‘skin care for hair’.

{Cult Beauty} Hi Garrett! Firstly, everyone will want to know ‘Why REVERIE?’ – what are the origins of the name, and who do you think typifies the ‘REVERIE client’?

{Garrett Markenson} Reverie is French for ‘daydream’ but it can also roughly be translated as ‘lost in a creative moment’. For me, it personifies how I started the line and the way the scents transport you to another time or place.

{CB} Who is the range aimed at?

{GM} There is no typical {REVERIE} client – we want to speak to everyone, which is why all of the products work for all hair types. One might be drawn to the line for various reasons, but the results are what makes our clients keep coming back.

{CB} Everybody longs to channel that insouciant, ‘French girl’ look. How do those of us not blessed with a Parisian address achieve that enviable, bed-head texture?

{GM} I’d recommend {MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist} spritzed all over damp, uncombed hair (it’s very important not to brush out the natural texture). Blow dry at the roots for lift and let the rest of the hair air-dry. An extra spritz once the hair is dry for added texture should do the trick.

{CB} Longer hairstyles are now back ‘in Vogue’. Do you have any styling tips for those with mid-length locks – who don’t quite have the scope for fancy braids or elaborate up-dos – but still want to ring the changes?

{GM} I love a classic, slicked-back look. Whether the hair is long enough to create a loose chignon or just pulled back into a knot – you can’t go wrong. REVERIE’s {RAKE Styling Balm} will help add support and lend a sleek, frizz-free finish.

{CB} Lots of women have fine, over-processed hair that craves hydration, but are afraid to use oils or masks, which can add weight and leave locks looking limp. What’s your ‘hair-scription’ for someone with this issue?

{GM} {MILK} is the best remedy for fine, dry, over-processed hair. It will provide thermal protection, amino acids to repair damage and leave the hair silky soft without any heaviness. I would also say, don’t be afraid of oils! They can be used in many different ways and not all oils are created equal.

One of my wife’s favourite ways to use our {EVER Recovery Oil} is at night as a treatment mask that is shampoo’d out in the morning. You reap all of the benefits of the luxurious oil without the risk of weighing down fine hair. We use marula and squalene in our hair oil, which gives it an airy feel thanks to the molecules being small enough to swiftly penetrate the cuticle, rather than resting along the hair shaft.

{CB} Similarly, if your hair is thick and unruly, what’s the best (and quickest) way to render it more manageable?

{GM} A good haircut, a generous spritz of {MILK}, a {Wet Brush} for working through hair fresh out of the shower, and a boar bristle round brush for styling.

{CB} REVERIE is a natural range – we like to think of it as ‘skin care’ for hair. Why were the provenance, purity and integrity of the ingredients so important to you?

{GM} For me, the line has always been about transparency and it started at a time when the hair industry was dominated by large brands just trying to sell the next hot thing. I wanted to create a line with authenticity and integrity.

Integrity starts with ingredients, creating products that truly perform and being honest with our clients about what it is exactly that they are putting on their hair/bodies. Anyone who uses {REVERIE} products can rest assured that we carefully source the highest quality ingredients (skin care quality, in fact!) without compromise. Through this practice we are able to provide incomes to a lot of small farms and co-ops who have been producing these ingredients for generations. The people behind REVERIE products are just as important to us as the products themselves.

{CB} You only have one Shampoo and one Conditioner. We’re so acclimatised to overwhelming choice, what made you decide to make these suits-all formulas?

{GM} There was a time when shampoo and conditioner were simply shampoo and conditioner – not styling products. With REVERIE {SHAMPOO} and {CONDITIONER} we wanted to revisit the simpler times and create products designed to thoroughly cleanse and repair the scalp and hair to give the customer a clean canvas to then apply their styling products. A lot of hair and scalp issues are caused by silicones and synthetic chemicals, so when you eliminate those from the very products that are supposed to be cleansing the hair, the results are remarkable.

{EVER Recovery Oil} was introduced to the line so that anyone who craves deeper conditioning or an extra moisturising shampoo can add the oil into the REVERIE {SHAMPOO} and {CONDITIONER} to customise the products to their needs. I love when clients experiment. All of the products are multi-use and benefit from a hint of imagination.

{CB} Do you have any further products in development? What’s next for REVERIE?

{GM} We are currently working on two new products that will launch in 2018 and miniature versions for our existing range – so you can carry them in your gym bag or suitcase with minimal heft!


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