Kool from Korea: products tipped to trigger an addiction to K-Beauty

Call yourself a beauty addict? No self-respecting skin care guru or cosmetic obsessive should be without a sprinkling of South Korean wizardry amidst their go-to stash. So whether you’re yet to embrace So-Ko’s super-cool exports, or are already au fait with Seoul’s saviours, we’ve curated an edit of the latest have-to-haves from the world’s beating heart of beauty innovation.

The first {K-Beauty} brand we brought on board, {Mizon} offer up chic skin care solutions (with some weirdly wonderful ingredients). Harnessing everything from snail slime to egg white extracts, you needn’t feel perturbed by its extensive product range – with ‘ampoules’ of pure hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptide, alongside innovative (fascinating!) essences and ‘packs’, there’s something sure to feed your beauty fantasies.

With purity at its core, {Thank You Farmer} adheres to a ‘farm-to-face’ philosophy – sourcing locally grown ingredients to guarantee the potency of its impressive products. The blog-o-sphere were recently bowled over by its brilliant {Sun Essences} – featherweight, gel-like sunscreens which absorb almost instantly and leave no trace – and now we’ve ushered in the new {True Water Deep} collection, packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and ‘plump’ without smothering skin. It’s ideal for those living in crowded, urban environments.

And no Korean line-up would be complete without a substantial dose of {TONYMOLY}. Typifying everything we associate with {K-Beauty} – cute, kitsch and brilliant – we’re totally besotted with the brand’s targeted (ultra-affordable!) sheet masks, as well as their oooh-inducing fruit-shaped balms, panda-shaped packs and little {Bunny Gloss Sticks} *swoon*. Whether you’re 18 or 80, we defy you to resist the gorgeousness…

Always in detention? Rolled your skirt up and untucked your shirt en route to lessons? {Too Cool For School} is the skin care for you. Avoid eggs-pulsion from your own skin care sorority by stocking up on the impressive, beauty-boosting {Egg Mousse} and enticingly entitled {Egg Cream} super-heroes. A lesson for rebellious complexions, these help to tone, ‘tighten’ and brighten while leaving your face feeling as smooth (and looking poreless as) an eggshell.

Developed by Korean actress Jiwon Ha, who wanted to streamline her {multi-step} skin care regime (and make her make up look immaculate under studio lights), J.One’s {Jelly Pack} is a multi-tasking marvel that hydrates, ‘lifts’ and primes – behaving like a magnet for foundation to help keep your face in place, while infusing your cells with a cocktail of plumping extracts.

Keen for some colour? {3 Concept Eyes} (or ‘3CE’ for short) is beauty branch of So-Ko’s trend-led fashion brand Style Nanda. With long-wearing formulas, pigment-rich shades and innovative, featherweight formulas, we’re totally addicted to their {Back to Baby} bases (they do what they say on their super-cute ‘tins’), and love love LOVE the {Tattoo Lip Tints} – ultra-vibrant glosses which dry-down to leave a long-wear, smooch-proof stain (ideal for those who like the {lollipop lip} look).



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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