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The new skin care ingredients your face is craving

Sure, you know your superfoods. But do you know which superfoods work wonders for your skin? We’ve rounded up the hottest crop of plant-derived extracts proven to transform your complexion. From avocado oil to turmeric, these five ingredients can soup up your smoothie or supplement your favourite skin care…


Move over matcha! There’s a new kid on the ‘superfood’ block and it’s turmeric – the bright yellow staple of Indian cuisine – and now latte of choice amongst in-the-know hipsters. Whether you stick to curries or will swap your flat white for a saffron-hued hot drink, there’s no denying this root’s impressive health (and skin) credentials. Naturally normalising, rich in antioxidants and proven antiseptic, turmeric is brilliant at balancing confused complexions, kick-starting renewal and calming itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The primary ingredient of SkinOwl’s latest {Beauty Bar}, this energising and revitalising cleanser works to stimulate regeneration and repair, while the addition of agave helps to maintain moisture levels. The result? Radiant skin that feels plump and looks dewy.

Opt for Uma’s {Absolute Anti Ageing Face Mask} to give tired skin an immediate ‘boost’, or try KIKI Health’s {Organic Premium Turmeric Powder} – which promises to get skin glowing from within.


An incredibly potent source of skin-essential fatty acids, avocado oil is intensely replenishing. Worshipped as a food-stuff (it has even earned its own emoji *at last*), this green fruit is chock full of the right kind of fats, which have a host of health and beauty benefits. Not only is smashed avocado on toast the most-Instagrammed breakfast, but when used topically, avocado oil works hard to maintain moisture levels, enhance elasticity and increase resilience. Skin swiftly becomes much more supple with a youthful ‘bounce’.

Find avocado oil in MV Organic Skincare’s {9 Oil Cleansing Tonic}, Indie Lee’s {Squalane Facial Cream} and de Mamiel’s beautiful {Atmosphériques Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar (SPF 30)}.


It’s probably not true that eating carrots will dramatically improve your night-sight, but what carrots lack in eye-enhancing properties, they more than compensate for when it comes to your complexion. Jam-packed with vitamins A and C, carrot oil has a dramatic skin-brightening benefit – restoring lost radiance and helping to bestow a gorgeous glow. It’s also a rich source of lycopene – a proven regulator that helps to swiftly establish equilibrium.

Find carrot oil in Odacité’s {Vital Glow Serum Concentrate} (it’s virgin cold-pressed carrot oil), FARMACY’s {Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask – Oil Control} and Black Chicken Remedies’ {Love Your Body Oil}


Prized for its natural antibacterial benefits, honey is a miracle for problem-prone complexions. Brilliant for sufferers of acne, raw honey helps to decongest and stop the spot-causing bacteria from breeding – resulting in clear, healthy, luminous skin. High levels of natural enzymes then work to refine your skin’s surface – dispelling dullness and diminishing dark spots and scarring.

Find honey in May Lindstrom’s {Honey Mud Cleansing Silk}, Tata Harper’s {Honey Blossom Mask} and FARMACY’s beautiful {Honey Savior} – which rushes to the rescue of stressed-out of damaged skin.


A potent source of antioxidants and anthocyanins – the pigments that grant cherries their deep, crimson colour – these bite-sized balls of scrumptiousness are beneficial both inside and out. A delicious addition to smoothies, cherries are also a skin care sensation: powerful free radical-fighters, they deflect damaging pollutants to preserve your precious collagen, delay the signs of ageing and maintain skin’s youthful elasticity. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect – reducing redness and quickly combatting signs of stress.

You’ll find cherries in Ilcsi’s incredible {Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask} and the complementary daily hydrator.


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