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What Are The Benefits of Probiotic Skin Care?

Inflammation is the root of all evil one of the primary causes of skin ageing. We all suffer from it, but as we grow older inflammation is exacerbated by the ravages wrought by our very existence; lack of sleep, stress, hormones, UV exposure, weather, pollution (all the usual enemies of the complexion), and with this increased inflammation, comes a veritable cocktail of skin woes…

Although a vital defense mechanism, excessive inflammation can upset skin’s finely-tuned immune system – decreasing its resilience and leaving it vulnerable to external damage (from sun and oxidative stress), as well as internal stresses; the negative side-effects of inflammation such as immune cell-migration and DNA damage wrought by the release of free radicals.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘probiotics’ in reference to yoghurt-y drinks – ‘good bacteria’ which help to stabilise the goings-on of your digestive system. The premise is simple – probiotic means ‘for life’ and these products have all harnessed the same, bacteria-balancing capabilities to re-establish skin’s natural eco-system, and help to counteract the dreaded inflammation.

The benefits are countless; not only do common skin concerns such as sensitivity, redness and breakouts become more manageable, but the negative effects of skin’s inflammatory responses are controlled – which has remarkable, anti-ageing benefits. This is science-driven, serious anti-ageing skin care without a single synthetic – proof that nature really is your number one ally in the war against, well… nature.

Cytokines are the body’s natural immune regulators, instructing cells when to react. By regulating levels of IL-10 cytokines – which are produced in response to stresses such as UV light – probiotics have knock-on benefits; enhancing skin immunity and suppressing the suppression of other cytokines, such as IL-12 (controlled by IL-10), which is involved in the control and repair of UV-induced damage

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Verity Douglas

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