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The Insta-famous skin care range insiders swear by

Stealth skin care if ever there was such a thing, there’s a brand that’s earned its place on every skin care guru’s Insta-grid – not because of dazzlingly good looks, expensive ad campaigns or constant ‘newness’ to be tempted by – but because it’s incredible. Pure and simple. 

The brainchild of dermatological authority Dr. Marko Lens, {Zelens} is the inconspicuous brand that’s a permanent fixture of every beauty addict’s bathroom cabinet – other ranges come and go, but you will always find some Zelens in the mix. A suspect in virtually every one of Caroline Hirons’ daily skin care snapshots (it’s criminally efficacious), we’re here to guide you through the highlights of this understated (game-changing) collection.

The comfort blanket for stressed skin

Rushing to the rescue of every complexion crisis, {Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm} is remarkably unlike a typical balm – completely non-greasy and wonderfully lightweight, this collagen-boosting formula has a silky texture that calms irritation while supporting the skin’s repair processes. A must for chapped or sunburned complexions (it’s essential for taking on travels), this soothes any redness or inflammation while replenishing parched visages. 

The ‘force field’ for your face

Featherweight yet deeply nourishing, {Daily Defence} is a shield between face and the elements – deflecting everyday environmental stress (smoke, pollution and urban ‘grime’) while warding against ageing UV damage. Invisible when applied (there’s no chalky white film), this feels just like a ‘normal’ day cream – disappearing when massaged over your face and neck, while leaving a fresh ‘dewy’ finish in its wake. Its name says it all really…

The at-home treatment peel

Zelens’ quick and convenient {PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads} are infused with resurfacing poly-hydroxy acids, which not only dissolve the dulling dead layer of cells which can compromise skin’s youthful ‘glow’, but also attract precious moisture to bolster skin’s barrier function – maintaining moisture levels to leave skin feeling smooth, supple and ‘plumped’.

The skin-strengthening super-serum

Zelens’ {Powder D Drops} infuse skin with provitamin D – a fortifying power-house which works to kick-start synthesis of vitamin D and in turn, boost skin’s barrier function. By replenishing precious lipids (which help to keep blemishes at bay and control skin conditions such as dermatitis), this also wards against environmental stresses – making it ideal for sensitive, depleted or easily-offended skin types.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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