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This Cleanser Is The Key To Your Best Face Day, Ever

Sibling to Sunday Riley’s best-loved {Luna Sleeping Night Oil} – about which, the entirety of Team CB are evangelical – {Blue Moon} has its relation’s same, distinctive hue but with an unctuous, oozy texture that your face is crying out for.

Distinctly otherworldly like its lunar namesake – this rich, make up melting balm dissolves every last trace of day; breaking up pore-clogging oils and grime with a medley of sugar-based cleansing agents.

It’s brimming with skin-strengthening moringa oil and cocoa butter to ‘feed’ cells and enhance elasticity, while the addition of vanilla and sweet orange extracts fill your face-space with their delicate, mood-elevating fragrance to transform cleansing from chore to relaxation ritual.

The stars of this unearthly blend however are the azulene-rich essences which grant its Côte d’Azur colour; blue tansy and German chamomile are just as calming as their pigment would suggest. Fast-becoming firm favourites amongst savvy skin care formulators (learn more about blue tansy {here}), they’re both phenomenally soothing, strengthening and reassuring – perfect for stressed or sensitive complexions which need cleaned, but not affronted.

This transforms from balm to milk when its emulsified with water, to leave even reactive skin types feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It also makes light work of redness while strengthening your skin’s own lipid barrier to seal all that ‘good stuff’ in.

There’s nothing not to love.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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