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Feeling flat? Recharge your body’s batteries

This week is notoriously hellish – for many, it’s the depressing return to reality after too many Quality Streets, too many champagnes and far too few early nights. Bodies are broken and spirits are almost unanimously in boots BUT (as usual), we’ve got the answers to your domesday prayers… 

Perricone MD’s {Super Berry Supplements} harness the energising properties of berry extracts – including raspberry, blueberry and renowned super-food acai – to boost concentration, enhance immunity (and help to combat post-New Year fatigue). Just stir a sachet into water (or your smoothie) for an instant pick-me-up (with no gross taste).

We realise you’re probably sick of us waxing lyrical about these miracle crystals, but Therapie’s {Himalayan Detox Salts} work wonders for the world-weary. They’re pink, intoxicatingly scented and powerfully purifying – drawing toxins from the bloodstream, absorbing negative ions (and emotional negativity) and encouraging sleep so you feel fatigued in a really, really ‘zen’ way. A bath of these babies is the perfect time to put your vague ‘meditate more’ resolution into action.

Because the outside looks like some sort of terrible Twilight Zone – where the only colours are grey and misery brown – anything that promises sunshine (that isn’t a dubious weather app), is 100% necessary. Moon Juice’s {Spirit Dust} is basically powdered ‘Mindfulness’ – perfect for aligning mind and body so you feel less gloomy and more ‘in tune’. Completely vegan, non-GMO and free from gluten, this ‘dust’ quickly reboots your body’s batteries – jumpstarting sluggish systems and syncing your mind and spirit so you feel more ‘conscious’, creative and alert.

And if your morning espresso is the only thing luring you from your pit, try swapping your beans for a green smoothie supercharged with Fountain’s {The Super Green Molecule} – jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, this provides the ‘buzz’ without the ‘caffeine crash’, so you feel focussed and naturally energised ’til lunchtime… and beyond. It’s also a rich source of immune-boosting chlorophyll to help eliminate toxins, boost levels of iron and control hunger cravings – perfect for battling post-Christmas bulges.

Turn the shower into a sanctuary. It’s warm and therefore, the perfect place to pretend January isn’t happening (at least for five minutes). Indulge in a ‘so fancy’ shower oil or body cleanser – Therapie’s {Boost Hair & Body Wash} is invigorating and emotionally uplifting, while Aesop’s stunning {Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser} soothes skin whilst cocooning vulnerable souls (and is a favourite of Alexa Chung).


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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