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We’re Celebrating 15 Years of Beautyblender

There was a time when we had to contend with the flimsy flat sponges you got in make up compacts, ones that fell apart after a few uses and had to be squished and contorted to fit every last nook and cranny. That all altered however – *cue heavenly choir music* – with the launch of {Beautyblender}: the game-changing brainchild of celebrity make up artist Rea Ann Silva. 

To combat the unforgiving camera lens of ‘new’ HD technology, she wanted to create an airbrushed effect so her clients would look truly flawless under intense scrutiny. After cutting up sponges in her trailer between takes, she set out to create a sponge that was edgeless, reusable and ergonomically shaped to ‘hug’ every crease and contour of the face. 

This resulted in {Beautyblender} – the egg-like, extra-strong sponge that makes applying and blending your make up a doddle. Since its launch 15 years ago, word has spread far and wide, with a multitude of celebrities, MUAs, vloggers and Insta-darlings all extolling its many virtues. Et voila! A beauty phenomenon was born.

Following its success there have been many variations, including SUPER-CUTE miniature incarnations for precise camouflaging; specially-shaped blotting cushions; black Beautyblenders for darker make up and the ingenious {Liner.Designer} – a ‘plectrum-esque’ tool for creating the perfect cat’s eye. 

And despite the many – *ahem* – interesting suggestions for what makes the best applicator (from socks to chopped-up ‘chicken fillets’) the trusty {Beautyblender} still remains the go-to tool. 

Whether you’re a BB newbie or die-hard fanatic, we defy you to resist the latest offerings. Granted a ‘pink champagne’ birthday suit, {Beautyblender Bubbles} were created to celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary – a make up milestone (and true testament to this pink egg’s perfecting prowess). Available in full size or *totes adorbz* {Micro.Minis}, don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your beloved make up sidekick (as IF you needed an excuse…)

We had a chat with founder Rea Ann to honour {Beautyblender’s} 15th birthday.

{Cult Beauty} How did the idea for Beautyblender come about?

{Rea Ann Silva} As a professional make up artist, I was faced with an even bigger challenge than ever before when HD TV began making a buzz in the industry. I was not only responsible for making people look their best on camera, but also ensuring that they were ‘HD-ready’, with flawless skin for unforgiving close-ups. So there I was cutting up make up sponges into shapes we could use, something that every make up artist did. And then, {Beautyblender} was born – a superior make up applicator that is now a ‘must’ for those in the industry…

I always knew {Beautyblender} was special, but when my peers started swearing by it and not wanting to work without one, I knew it truly was one-of-a-kind and will leave its mark on the industry. It really was a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

{CB} What are the main ways Beautyblender differs from a ‘normal’ sponge?

{RAS} {Beautyblender} features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet. This allows the sponge to be ‘full’ so that make up sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product every time.

Beautyblender’s elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up undetectable.

{CB} What’s been the proudest moment in the Beautyblender story?

{RAS} Every day I am amazed by how this one idea has created its own meaningful category in the beauty space.

There have been so many defining moments! From our growth, to my peers telling me that I have single-handedly changed the way they do their jobs, to repeatedly winning prestigious awards like Allure’s ‘Best of Beauty’ – reaffirming that I’ve created something completely unique.

{CB} Do you have a ‘top tip’ for using the Beautyblender?

{RAS} The only way to use your {Beautyblender} is WET. Always follow our wet.squeeze.bounce method… (it’s as straightforward as it sounds).

{CB} What do you think is the key to Beautyblender’s enduring success?

{RAS} I’m a working make up artist and every product I develop comes from a need – I want to give women the tools to create flawless make up, like a pro.

Thank you so much Rea Ann! And Happy Birthday Beautyblender!


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