Which Skin Type Does Alpha-H Liquid Gold Work Best For?

The beauty industry is a notoriously fickle, fast-paced place. Trends wax and wane; ingredients quickly become obsolete and products which once reigned supreme get resigned to the back of the bathroom cabinet. Which is why it’s so rare for a product to stay at the top of its game – and to do so for 21 years is unheard of. Against all the odds, {Alpha-H} {Liquid Gold} has defied the cutthroat competition to prove itself time and again – this is so much more than just a skin care product. It’s an industry game-changer…

So what makes this, innocuous-looking see-through fluid so sensational? To keep people hooked, a beauty product has to work – something that {Liquid Gold} does with aplomb.

Brimming with glycolic acid, this overnight re-texturising ‘serum’ applies like a toner that ‘tingles’ (a definite sign that your skin care is actually working).

*Science bit* – a member of the AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) family, glycolic (derived from sugar cane) is an ultra-mild, skin-friendly acid that works by dissolving the ‘glue’ that sticks dulling dead cells to skin’s surface. As we grow older, the rate with which our skin ‘turns over’ slows, which means the uppermost layer of dead cells and debris builds up to leave skin looking less light-reflective and DULL.

‘New’ skin is smooth (which is why baby’s faces look beautifully dewy). By ‘melting’ the bonds and removing the dead surface ‘scurf’, {Liquid Gold} helps recapture lost radiance – bringing mature, fatigued skin back to baby-esque best.

But that’s not all. This ‘unwanted’ uppermost layer – dermatologically known as the ‘stratum corneum’ – acts like the last line of defence between skin and the elements, which is why its removal kick-starts cells’ renewal processes. A ‘call to arms’ for cells which have been resting on their laurels, this stimulates the synthesis of skin-essential building blocks – namely, elastin and collagen – which are essential for maintaining firmness, resilience and ‘bounce’.

Brightening. Check. Anti-ageing. Check. Throw ‘acne-fighting’ into the mix and you have skin care gold… which is exactly what this is. The final string to {Liquid Gold’s} impressive bow is arguably its raison d’être. Prompted by brand-founder Michelle Doherty’s seemingly incurable acne, {Liquid Gold} is a firm favourite of the blemish-prone – combatting congestion and battling spot-causing bacteria to swiftly restore clarity and lessen visibility of scars.

So, are you already a self-confessed ‘Alpha-holic’? Or are you yet to fall in love with this elixir’s skin-perfecting prowess? Let us know in the comments below…



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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